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A Nawabi- Era Private Imambara in Lucknow

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Alright, it IS very hot. But it is also time for the fragrant bela and Chameli to bloom. My own three pots have started to yield four or five blossoms a day.My mother-in-law insists on offering them to her deity so I whisk away two and keep them on our dining table and delight in the wisps of fragrance as I pass by ! 1,501 more words

Homes-old And New

10 Muharram

If you find  this bayan is useful please share this video to your friend, relatives….Jazakallaah azzawajal

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Agar aapka koyi sawal hai toh aap hamare Imam se puchsakhte hai… 14 more words

Moulana Peer Muhammad Ajmal Raza Qadri


Why do The Holy Months of Rajab n Sha’baan appear before Maah-e Ramadhan Kareem????

As we all know, the months of Rajab-e Mojarrab And Sha’baan are highly spiritual months And it is stressed to pay special attention to Praying, Fasting, Amaals & Esteghfaar (the most effective sins evacuating actions); WHY? 383 more words


The irreparable loss of Khateeb-e-Akbar

The demise of Professor Mirza Mohammad Athar has left the community saddened. At the age of 79, he was inching towards his valedictory breath in Max Hospital Saket, New Delhi. 453 more words


Hey monkey! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

I’m really missing Chinese New Year!

It may seem strange that a Canadian woman living in India would be missing CNY. However I love the dragon dance and joyous celebration. 232 more words


Terompet tahun baru Masehi

Setiap Natal dan tahun baru isu yang sama terus muncul. Apalagi kalo bukan tentang haram tidaknya mengucapkan selamat Natal, bersilahturahmi dengan kaum Nasrani, merayakan tahun baru dengan petasan dan terompet, bahkan polemik tentang boleh tidaknya umat Muslim merayakan tahun baru Masehi. 404 more words


Bibi Sakina Pop-up Book


So I saw this great activity done by this really inspiring lady. Here’s the original link and then my rendition of it. She is very neat and tidy… Mine is a bit all over the place… 202 more words