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Iran | Jolfa | Visiting St. Stephanos Monastary in the Aras Valley

What is the difference between gorgeous and beautiful? Vahid asks me as we are sharing his home-made kashke bademjan.

Mahdis and him got married four years ago. 980 more words


“Is Prophet Mohammed (SAW) Your Grandfather or Mine?"

In Shaam, the 4th Imam (AS) gave a powerful speech in which he introduced himself to the people. He discussed his family, the Holy Prophet (SAW) and the Imams (AS) that came before him. 386 more words


Special Assemblies organised by the Primary Wing @ Hamdard Public School

Independence Day

The Junior Wing was ablaze with the colours of the national flag on the occasion of Independence Day. The special assembly started with an introduction to the meaning of Independence Day. 406 more words

Hamdard Public School

'Ashura - History and Popular Legend

First Sermon: ‘Ashura – History and Popular Legend

From a Shia’a point of view:

Source:   https://www.al-islam.org/al-tawhid/vol13-no3/ashura-misrepresentations-distortions-part-1-mutahhari/first-sermon-ashura

(al-islam.org is a Shia’a website).      (See this website to inform yourself about Shia’a’s points of view) 8,141 more words


Allah is Always Watching

On Shab-e-Ashur, Imam Hussain (AS) blew out the candles and gave his companions and supporters permission to leave, if they wanted to, under the cover of darkness. 312 more words


DIY Muharram Puzzles

My daughter loves puzzles. And though she is too young to understand the details of Muharram, she can still participate in a few Muharram activities – such as puzzles! 324 more words