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The Fort of Laa Ilaaha Illallah

As we remember Imam Ali Raza (AS) on the day of his shahadat, we are discussing the hadith of The Golden Chain, found here, on pg 12. 262 more words


Learning Kindness from Imam Hassan (AS)

Continuing our theme of kindness this week… Today we will be discussing the KINDNESS of Imam Hassan (AS).

In the story, we learn that Imam Hassan (AS) fed the dog that was looking at him hungrily, even though the other companions thought that they should shoo him away. 342 more words


Learning Kindness from Prophet Mohammed (SAW)

This week, as we discuss the shahadats of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) and Imam Hassan (AS), we decided to focus on KINDNESS.

Today, we will be discussing the kindness of Prophet Mohammed (SAW) by reenacting the situation he was in, and discussing how he reacted. 343 more words


The Establishment of Majlis

After Imam Zainul Abideen (AS), Bibi Zainab (SA), and all the ladies and children that had been held captive were released, they held a majlis to mourn Imam Hussain (AS) and to tell the people about the injustices of Karbala.  250 more words


Map and Timeline of the Journey of Karbala and its Aftermath

As we approach the Day of Arbaeen, I feel like this is a good time to review everything that the family and friends of Imam Hussain (AS) have endured on their long and difficult journey. 258 more words


Bibi Sakina - A Bird in a Cage

A conversation with my three year old…

Who is our third Imam?

Second is Hassan.

Yep, and who’s our third imam?

Umm, our third imam is Imam Hussain.

542 more words