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Observing Sawm on `Aashooraa' and acting differently from the People of the Book

Question: It is narrated in a Hadeeth that When the Prophet (peace be upon him) came to Madeenah, he found the Jews observing Sawm (Fast) on `Aashooraa’ (10th of Muharram). 84 more words


Should the 9th and 10th, and 11th of Muharram, or all these three days be fasted upon the occasion of `Aashooraa’ ?

Question: Should the ninth and tenth, the tenth and eleventh of Muharram, or all these three days be fasted upon the occasion of `Aashuraa’ (10th of Muharram)? 78 more words


The story and truth of the Day of `Aashooraa'

Question: What is the story and truth of the Day of `Aashooraa’ (10th of Muharram)?

Answer: When the Prophet (peace be upon him) arrived in Al-Madeenah after his Hijrah (the Prophet’s migration to Al-Madeenah), he found the Jews observing Sawm (Fast) of the Day of `Aashooraa’… read more here.


TAHUN DAN SEMANGAT BARU: Perubahan Menuju Khayrul Ummah

“Demi Masa! Sesungguhnya manusia dalam kerugian, kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal shaleh dan saling menasehati mengenai kebenaran, dan saling menasehati mengenai kesabaran.” –QS. Al’Ashr… 1,039 more words


New Year Resolutions

In exactly four days, 2015, “The Year of Taking it to the Next Level” shall begin.

Before I get to the main part of this blog post, I would like to point out that there are many different kinds of “New Years.”  After all, January 1 marks the beginning of the new… 591 more words


Imam Husain a.s.

                               Hazrat Imam Husain a.s. -the great secular leader

                                                          By Dr. S.A. Imam

                                In the name of Allah the Beneficent ,the Merciful

 The great personality of Imam Husain (peace be upon him) attracts our attention particularly in Moharrum, since the impact of his martyrdom has always touched the hearts of members of every community and followers of every creed, thus unifying human beings in their expression of sympathy and sorrow for Hazrat Imam Husain Alaihis Salaam. 687 more words

Imam Husain A.s.

The Infant Warrior - Ali al-Asgar a.s

On the scorching sands, as the dry wind blows,
Standing, a lone man, it beholds,
Surrounded by foes, ready to strike,
With neither a friend, nor an aide by his side. 160 more words