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On Gao, MUJWA, and the ICRC

On March 30, a driver for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was fatally shot outside Gao, northern Mali. The attack was quickly… 328 more words


Anatomy of AQIM: How 'Maghrebi' is it?

By Sebastian Middlemost

AQIM’s saturation of the Maghreb was significantly boosted by the advent of the recent revolution in Libya and the renewed vigour of the MNLA in Mali. 548 more words


Video: Everyday Life in Timbuktu After the Islamist Occupation

IRIN is proud to announce the launch of a multimedia in-depth, “Trouble in Timbuktu”: http://www.irinnews.org/webspecial/mali/index.html.

Through a series of films and short texts, the in-depth paints a detailed picture of life in the fabled desert city in the wake of its nine-month occupation by Islamist militants. 99 more words

On Appraising Threats

Yesterday I published a piece at World Politics Review on assessing the threat that armed West African Muslim movements like Boko Haram might pose to the West. 558 more words


Violent Clashes and a New Successor in the Wake of Confirmation of Abou Zeid’s Death

Towards the end of February, covert operations in Mali’s northern mountains of Ifoghas resulted in the death of around forty terrorists. Rumors have been floating around the Internet about the identity of the bodies. 460 more words

Up To The Minute

Mali: Jihadist Wives

Read the news out of Mali and you will hear almost exclusively about men. That’s one reason I was struck by this (ultimately somewhat thin) article from France 24. 492 more words


Mali: Guerrilla Attacks and the Possibility of Pockets of Support for Islamists [Updated]

Since being displaced from northern Malian cities by French and Malian troops, Islamist fighters have turned to guerrilla tactics. At least three tactics have emerged so far: (attempted) suicide bombings, raids, and landmines. 398 more words