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Mulan: A Review

Looking into the Disney Renaissance, my journeys decided to take a look at perhaps one of the favorites that many think of musically…Mulan.

Mulan is based on the Chinese legend Mulan. 456 more words

Nerdy Workout Review - Mulan

I’m very much an indoor person, and all my favourite hobbies involve sitting down. I exercise every morning before work because I feel I have to, but I do not enjoy it at all. 533 more words

Fandom Life

Movies of 1998 Bracket Game: Mulan Vs. A Bug's Life

1998 is right in the middle of an era in cinema that I have great affection for. The success of former video store employee Quentin Tarantino had been hugely influential and motivated a general expanded interest in independent film and in the value of both movie trivia and the expertise of your local hole-in-the-wall movie rental clerk. 783 more words

Disney's Awesome Example

Morning Peeps!

I read yet another article yesterday about Disney being ‘archaic’ and ‘a bad role model’ for girls: I couldn’t disagree more!

It’s true that the classic princesses (up until The Little Mermaid) are more demure damsels-in-distress types, but they are there for nostalgia’s sake now and most children would rather watch the more modern ones anyway. 436 more words

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Mulan, Yuè Fēi, Dragon Boats, Qi Xi & Qing Ming Jie


Badasses of Chinese History:  Huā Mùlán

One of my favourite legends surrounds Ahmad ibn Fadlan’s and his journey north from Baghdad with and observations of Vikings.  6,915 more words

Episode 42 - Mulan

Episode 42 – Mulan is here to make a man out of you! You’ll bring honor to us all by listening to this episode. Our friend Kayla joins us to talk about that classic Disney movie. 24 more words