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Mulberry bowl

Description:  This bowl has been turned from a piece of mulberry that came from my childhood home in Dunstable.  I turned two bowls from this piece of wood 5 years ago, one was given to my mother and I retained the other. 38 more words


The Mighty Mulberry

Mulberries show up quite a bit in my novels and in my worlds. This is true more of the recent work than the early efforts, but the trees are there even back in the ‘Donzalo’s Destiny’ novels. 328 more words


Heho here we come! 12th April 2018

Up before the birds, well almost, we are packed and eagerly awaiting our breakfast  by 6 am. The buffet service is instant so we begin with a side plate of fruit to nibble while we order Bircher  Muesli, French Toast and scrambled eggs. 2,343 more words

Mulberry (excerpt)

Excuse the violence
of mulberries.
They turn pink,

then rapturous,
then night.


They are not my voice.
They don’t have to love.

PFW 2018 - Mulberry

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