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As each day passes we find ourselves more and more amazed at just much our tiny market garden has evolved over the past few years. This year we’ve added our last growing beds and the gardens are the sizes they will remain. 481 more words


Mulch Magic

“material (such as decaying leaves, bark, or compost) spread around or over a plant to enrich or insulate the soil”

Mulching or ढकावन is a technique every farmer should know and apply. 263 more words

Organic Farming

Winter in the garden

Working outdoors as a gardener I know winter has arrived when… I arrive at work at 8am in so many layers of clothing that I can hardly move my arms…and my colleagues who work in the office complain how cold it is (although they have little blow heaters placed under their desks to warm their feet)…and no one says ‘it must be so nice to work outside all day!’… and I’ve lost all feeling in my nose, toes and fingers by the time I’ve walked up the hill to unlock the garden shed and gather my tools. 410 more words


Mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch, mulch; that's the sound of happy soil biology.

The Natural Farmer

Great episode from Jagannath.

Comments: straw tends to be high in lignin which needs white rot fungi to break it down, which requires moisture and gives rotted wood it’s soft spongy characteristic. 362 more words


The Neighbor's Pine Tree

Our next door neighbors have a Mexican pine that spreads half its boughs across our shared fence and over our yard. We love it. It carpets the east half of our garden in pine needles, which make a think mulch for the citrus trees and a useful addition to the compost. 84 more words


To Mulch, Or Not To Mulch? And Other Lawn Care Questions

Every summer, my husband and I have the same discussion.

He says: “You aren’t getting mulch this year, are you?”

I say: “Yes!”

He says: 1,004 more words


Olive Branch Summer Lawn Care Tips

If you do not care of your lawn so the summer chores can ruin the lawn. Dry heat can quickly create green and brown meadow grooves are dry. 519 more words