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Recycle and Repurposing in the Vegetable Garden

In these times of environmental sensitivity and focus on being earth friendly, being green is everywhere is news and television programming.  While I’m no green fanatic, I have found that being green friendly and organic sort of goes with being a gardener.  259 more words


An Honest Day's Sweat

Corn patch mulched with bedding from sheep shed.

Corn patch planted and furrows mulched with spoiled hay.

Close-up of corn patch. Planks reduce soil compaction and make access to furrows easier when hauling big fork loads of bedding and hay. 410 more words


May 28, 2015


Ah, the smell. No, not that smell! I mean the lovely scent of roses in bloom.

So many people garden for appearance only. Their landscapes feature exotic flowers or colorful foliage. 402 more words

In Search of a Lazy Boy

I’m not talking about my son here. That boy is NOT lazy in any way, shape or form. He has worked long after I have melted into a puddle in the shower to ease my aching muscles. 635 more words

My Thoughts About Things

JeffCo H2O:Marvelous Mulch

Yes, mulch really is marvelous!  But how is it different from compost?  Compost is any kind of decayed organic material – vegetable scraps, leaves, grass clippings, or similar material.  413 more words


Adventures and Misadventures in Free Gardening

I have been wanting to write about the concept of free gardening for quite awhile, but just now I think I’ve built up enough personal examples of it to finally share something. 656 more words


Craig Helps You Keep Cats Away From Flowers and Weeds Out Of Your Mulch

See Craig each Wednesday on News 8 at 11.  Submit your questions on our Facebook page or call 309-736-3288 to have your question answered live! 15 more words

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