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Bin Weevils Spooky Crew Nest Party

Hello weevils!

It’s kaushik2 here, author of Universal Edits Ltd. My last post involved frustration regarding the¬†fact that Bin Weevils is no longer suitable for all audiences, and this post is along the lines of pure anger and disappointment. 421 more words

Universal Edits Ltd

Fall Mulching

There are two different fall mulching methods:.

If you have recently planted or transplanted your perennials or shrubs, mulch the soil around them immediately with shredded bark or other organic mulch. 112 more words

Things To Do

Fine fuels catch alight

If you live in an area where there has been clearing carried out under the power lines and the prunings are then mulched and left on the ground, make sure you keep fire away from the mulch. 66 more words

Mt Egerton Fire Brigade

Leave the leaves

Autumn now, with shorter days, crisp nights and golden leaves. If you have a naturalistic garden (or if you’re working towards that goal) these leaves are not a nuisance but a treasure. 257 more words


1,000 Pounds of Wood Chips

I’m not sure who wore out first, us or the machine.

Since the last storm, my husband, Jimmy, and I have been running fallen wood through the chipper.

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Top Tip: Easy Care Flowerbeds

Do avoid disturbing the soil unless necessary. Each disturbance produces a new batch of weed seedlings.

Do keep weeds under control by removing weed seedlings and topping up the mulch before the garden springs to life each year.

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