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To Mulch or Not to Mulch

Mulch can be a beautiful addition to your flower beds, but what kind should you use and should you use any at all? There are so many types to choose from that one’s head begins to spin when walking the aisles of the local… 448 more words

Greenbelt Restoration Work Party: April 14, 2018

During the week leading up to the April 14 party, there were plenty of opportunities to practice Amma‘s teaching to “Be like a bird on a dry twig, ready to fly at a moment’s notice”. 1,079 more words


Just when you thought it was safe....

….to think about spring, you receive a stern message from nature that you have never been in charge! We’ve had a few days that have teased us into beliving we were all about spring. 284 more words

New Hampshire

Leaf mulch

I went crazy for leaves last fall. I stole bags from my neighbours on collection day. I asked kindly for more. My plan was to lay the leaves on top of the borders: mulch and soil amendment. 319 more words


K is for Keep Calm and...

Keep them messy!

Now this isn’t the perfect suburban forest floor–it’s got a few of those invasive vines in it, but the leaf litter under the hollies and oaks is an oasis of acorns and bugs, and even a few mushrooms pop up, all tasty to us squirrels. 79 more words

Backyard Habitat

Nurture Your Soil to Grow Your Best Garden

By Wendy Mills, Certified Master Gardener

Volunteers at the Glencarlyn Library Garden often comment on the quality of our soil, expressing pleasure with its good feel and workability. 939 more words

MG In The Garden