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Mulled Cider🍂🍁🎃

I hadn’t had mulled cider in what felt like forever so I decided to make a batch to kick start the Halloween celebrations. 167 more words


Winter Warmers- Mulled Wine and Baked Camembert

We decided to share some super simple ways to make people you know think you have it all together, and for relatively cheap too. These are also good just to enjoy at home even when there isn’t any company around. 211 more words


Mulled Apple Juice

During Lent, and for those who abstain, this one was googled off the net and went down a treat.

Dinner for 10 and many refraining from alcohol, so it was… 77 more words


Hot fruity punch

Punch in march? Yeah, since I saw the British snow outside this morning, I go for it. It’s hot and fruity, just the way I like it, not only regarding drinks. 174 more words


DRINKS: Mulled cider for the winter

Being originally from Somerset, I love all things West Country related; The Wurzels, rolling countrysides, Cheddar cheese and most of all cider! You can take the girl out of Somerset but don’t you dare take the cider away from her. 295 more words


What to do this Month - December

The final what to do this month of the year! This one is very Christmas themed as I’m sure you could guess. See you next year!! 195 more words


Mama Mim's Christmas Wassail

This drink recipe is super easy and really elevates that cheap red wine you’ve been trying to get rid of it. Spiced and served hot, it is perfect for winter. 70 more words