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'Ewwww': Pat Sajak sums up a potential Hillary vs. Jeb race with throwback comparison

Since a Clinton vs. Bush presidential race would be a throwback to the ’90s, Pat Sajak reminds us of some other throwbacks from that period that we don’t need to come back. 144 more words


The Stupid Vaccine Revisited

One of my first blog posts was called The Stupid Vaccine. (It was actually my second post. Technically speaking, I can only have one “first” post)  I pondered what the world might be like if stupidity were a disease that could be eradicated by vaccination. 517 more words

Social Commentary

The Kaner Mullet Is BACK!

Are you ready for some Playoff Hockey? Just in time for Game 1 Patrick Kane is back rocking the mullet.

Patrick Kane will play in Game 1.

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Four manatee

I feel at home on the water although my experience is limited: it’s a dangerous combination: a sea dog without the sea legs. But not today, fortunately. 370 more words


kapiti island dreaming

   coming ashore in my longboat
           gliding gently into the shallows
           the happy slap of ocean meeting land.

           feet splashing into the water
           hands drag the boat to rest… 80 more words

MUSTARD: Bold Prints!

Good Morning!

This post was supposed to go up yesterday but thanks to lot of things not working out, here it is now.

After the long Easter weekend, I believe your system has been restored now and you are back to work-mode. 276 more words

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Spearfishing in still cold murky water

4 April! Cannot believe I can finally get into water. Sea: rough. Water: murky (the color of the water today reminds me a cappuccino). Temperature of the water: 14°. 147 more words