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Baekhyun's True Father Revealed

So we all know SM’s latest hair victim is Baekhyun, and while SM’s choice in hair styles has always been rather questionable, I never thought I’d see the day they give someone a mullet, but there’s a first time for everything right? 109 more words

Daily Blog #28: Mike Gundy, the Greatest College Football Mind Ever.

Mike Gundy, American Hero

Mike Gundy hair update: Full-blown American Glory. #okstate 🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/9fxZSrItFU

— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) July 5, 2017

Mike Gundy is the hero no college football fan ever thought they needed, but, at least for me, he certainly turned out that way.

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Daily Blog (Insert #)

A London mullet.

Don’t worry fashionistas of Hackney Wick and Dalston, the eighties mullet has yet to return, (for now) you may stick to your acid tones and cool electro beats but only the brave will dress the mullet once more. 102 more words


Ian Botham: The Power And The Glory by Simon Wilde

‘Well, he’s better looking than Tom Selleck.’

So said 1980s schlock movie producer Menachem Golan about Ian Botham, after looking him up and down. Golan was, among things, the man behind… 340 more words

'Lord' Tim Hudson

6 Fashionable Hairstyles and Variations to Rock 2017

Hairstyles, like fashion, are always changing.  Perhaps this means one day that the cool hairstyles of today will one day be the equivalent of a Van Damme nice mullet: 1,592 more words


Balding Man Grows Hair Out

“I ain’t goin’ bald,” a Michigan gentleman gripes, seemingly ignoring our reporter’s initial question of ‘what is your name.’

“My hair’s always been thin, so that’s why I might look like I got a bald spot, but it ain’t no bald spot.” The ‘bald spot’ he is referring to is the complete and undeniable absence of hair atop the crown of his head. 280 more words