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Hair. Its A Theme.

Remember Chris Davis and his Pornstache? Well we have another stud (in the baseball sense) with some locks. Chaz Roe gained fame in Birdland after showing off his filthy pitches and sweet 80’s mullet.   37 more words


Every time I see an achingly cool hipster cut...

…..all I can think of is this!

David Bowie is the only person I can think of who can rock everything from a perm to a mullet without looking hysterically funny a few decades later.



Only picked up 3 points at home so far. 4-1 win over Colorado and an OT loss to Washington. That stinks. 4th in the Atlantic with Ottawa crawling their way back in. 101 more words

Moments of Joy: October 2015

Last month, the sound of some unusual hiccups and many giggles rang in your ears.  This month is more visually oriented.

The time has arrived.   815 more words


Catching Witsand Kob

The early morning silence was broken with the high pitched screams of a Stradic 5000. It’s amazing how quickly you can forget about old rugby injuries and all of a sudden become a Olympic sprinter. 1,359 more words


Doug Jones: Closer, All-Star, Moustache.

There is a lot of 1992 to discuss here. I’ll start with the moustache. Thick and rich, getting in the way of food and drink… that’s what a real man’s moustache is supposed to look like. 250 more words


The Epic Battle Between Man and His Hair

October 23, 2015:

And now we come to the “Back to the Future” Day Week celebration’s main event:

In the year 2000, I began My First Mullet… 2,596 more words