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My favorite embarrassing moments

I’ve embarrassed myself countless times over the years. Too many to count really, but there are a few that give me a good laugh when I think about them.  1,094 more words


Bucatini alla bottarga e salvia

Bonjour à tous !  Aujourd’hui je vous propose une recette italienne, un peu fond de placard / rapide à faire mais qui s’est avérée délicieuse. En arrivant ici, j’ai acheté de la poutargue en poudre (on en trouve au thon, mais ici elle est au mulet) que l’on peut utiliser pour cuisiner des pâtes. 734 more words


The Goldfish Massacre of 2015

If there’s one rule I abide by in life, it is don’t trust a man with a mullet.  Maybe that’s shallow, yes, but it hasn’t led me astray thus far.   1,069 more words

The ABC of fishing - Trip 2

You might ask what the random “vygies” (flowers) used as the cover picture has to do with fishing. But I specifically used that picture to show that I too have a sensitive and artistic side and this blog is not all about fishing ;) ! 1,563 more words


Hair. Its A Theme.

Remember Chris Davis and his Pornstache? Well we have another stud (in the baseball sense) with some locks. Chaz Roe gained fame in Birdland after showing off his filthy pitches and sweet 80’s mullet.   37 more words


Every time I see an achingly cool hipster cut...

…..all I can think of is this!

David Bowie is the only person I can think of who can rock everything from a perm to a mullet without looking hysterically funny a few decades later.