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Mullet Monday

Hi Loves, let’s get on with it shall we? It’s another Monday morning and we all know……. come on, say with me….If Monday were a hairstyle it would be mullet, right?

Mullet Monday

Well Hello Loves, it’s Monday and for most of us that live in the US it’s a short work week. I’m thankful for that and Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. 57 more words

Fried/grilled mullet

This recipe is very simple, it’s been passed from my grandmother to my mom and of course to me. We usually serve it with daqous/dakkous  (Arabian gulf tomato sauce) and tamarind salad… 153 more words

Arabian Gulf


Because following the trend could sometimes be too unimaginative and stereotypical, I decided to bring mullets back from the grave…

190 more words

Mullet Monday

Yawn….Stretch…..Sigh….Morning Loves…..grab that cup of coffee and join me in today’s Mullet Monday? Remember, if Monday was a hairstyle it would be a mullet right?


Text: Mike Ladle & Alan Bulmer        Lead image: Constantine Alexander

Around the world there are several species of grey mullet.  In the UK there are three namely the thicklip ( 1,963 more words

Alan Bulmer

A Leg Warmer, Aqua Net, and a Muppet all met on an Over-Sized Old T-Shirt.........

Today I had my coffee and watched the news. A new president was elected last night. This was the 8th one in my lifetime. For those history buffs- hush, Ford doesn’t count he wasn’t elected. 705 more words