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A hasty man's panacea

Premature Ejaculation: Bedroom Faux-Pas or a driver in the evolution of language?

Driven by an unprecedented increase in the prevalence of premature ejaculation in and around our flat I was compelled to expose its true nature. 895 more words

Antagonistic Coevolution

Flicking bread into wind....

So… I guess this is my first article and let me start off by saying if your wind forecastĀ is anything like mine… Don’t go fly fishing… With nearly 40km/hr winds coming directly towards me from the water, casting a fly into the water was the equivalent to trying to urinate between two fans while intoxicated, but I did have plenty of fun. 263 more words


The Silent Killer

This morning, as I saunter towards my big green chariot, I notice Fozzie is in a chattier than usual mood.

I want to say Steve, but the resemblance is now far too amusing. 426 more words


Stream of Consciousness Sermon Mullet

First, a little definition. The way I understand a stream of consciousness sermonic form is that the preacher allows his or her mind to wander through the text from one thought to another as the brain does, rather subconsciously, what the brain does, and that is work through issues toward understanding. 707 more words


Mullet Monday

Here we are….Stretch…..It’s Monday again. We all know, if Monday was a hair cut it would be a mullet so on with the day right?

Mullet Monday

Congrats Patriots! That was an incredible game and well earned. Not gonna lie, I was screaming with excitement every single time the falcons scored. Huge Atlanta Falcons fan here. 8 more words