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Listening with Two Ears

Guilty Pleasure

Can I confess something? Can I be real and vulnerable? Is that safe?

OK – here goes… 1,492 more words


Top 10 Hockey Hair

An easy category to explain- A look at the best hair in hockey. Let’s get right into it:

10. Erik Karlsson- Nice flow-goatee combo to get him into the top 10. 165 more words


Sketch 12

He was convinced

Like all things

The mullet would return

So he waited to be

A trailblazer



Zodiac Adventures: Santiago and Santa Cruz

Sullivan Bay on Santiago had one major attraction…Galapagos Penguins. We took a zodiac around the bay and observed the odd rock formations, formed, as with most odd formations in the Galapagos, by the eruption, cooling and breakdown of volcanos and volcanic rocks. 223 more words

Galapagos 2018

Introduction to Photography (well, mine, anyway)

Written by: Grant

I’m rather late to the whole photography thing. Growing up, my parents always had a camera somewhere, I imagine, or at least every once in awhile there was a roll of film going to the store to get developed. 972 more words

High Tide and Green Grass: Malibu Lagoon, 23 December, 2018

As in November our Birdwalk coincided with a full moon high tide of the month (+6.87 ft.) and a small storm surge still lingered from the high surf earlier in the week. 1,661 more words

Field Trip Reports


Mullet are ostensibly vegetarian by nature, dining on micro-organisms and algae found in the sediment and weed of harbours, sandy bays and estuaries. However, localized populations of mullet are conditioned to feed on small invertebrates where an abundance of these organisms exists and this creates an opening for the fly fisher, especially in those parts of the country where spring tides introduce maggots from rotting seaweed to the water. 64 more words