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Mulligan ?

Barrett Sallee longtime B.S. artist says Kirby gets his MULLIGAN THIS ENTIRE YEAR and that WE SHOULD NOT QUESTION THE HIRE OF KIRBY.

Excuse me Barrett Sallee but it seems to me that EVERY time you open your dumb mouth we disagree.  578 more words

Barrett Sallee Bleacher Report - Former And Still Apologist

Calling A Mulligan!


The world is watching


To see what we

As Americans

Do with our vote.

You have earned the right to vote.

Do not take it lightly. 34 more words

Life Chatter

Mulligan Stew: Ten for Today

Someone kicked me in the head. No, it just feels that way. Like a rubber soled tennis shoe attached to a leg cocked back in ready mode, ready to slam into my head on the ‘go’ of Ready, Set, Go! 292 more words


When to Mulligan, Part Two

If you haven’t yet read part one, you can read it here. This is a mini-series talking about the problem: When should you you Mulligan? 293 more words

When To Mulligan, Part One

This is a complex topic. There are maybe riders and variables that affect when you should (or should not) mulligan. When to or when not to mulligan seems like a small thing, but learning to do this effectively can have a big effect on the way your games go. 357 more words

Labels Move Away from Supermarkets

If you read Music Business Worldwide, you may have noticed an article on a similar topic this week. It comes as Tesco Music Buyer Michael Mulligan leaves his post as Head of Music with no intention to replace him. 338 more words


Police role opportunity for youngsters open now

If you’re aged between 14 and 25 with an interest in how policing is delivered locally there’s just one week left to apply to join the North Yorkshire Youth Commission on Police and Crime. 219 more words