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Day 2 - The Mulligan

Okay, so I failed the first day. I can’t say I am surprised. This is what happens when you give up an “addiction.” I caught myself as I was chastising my 12 yo. 331 more words


How About a Mulligan?

Playing golf or darts is a great past time. There’s a rule called a Mulligan, or a do-over after the first attempt was blundered. That’s what happened long ago. 200 more words

A Month of Thanks – Post-Turkey, A Bonus Chapter

On this fifth Wednesday of November 2016 – the post-Thanksgiving-thanks-giving-post –

I  am thankful for:



Second Serves.

Whatever you want to call them, I am thankful that, as long as we live, we have the chance to fix things. 224 more words

Honest Improvement 


I have been told that it’s a virtue, and that it’s the best policy. I’m guessing that most people agree to some extent, and practice it to….. 633 more words

Golf Thoughts

My 38-Year-Journey to my First Novel, “Mulligan”

People often ask me how long it took me to write my first novel, “Mulligan.” They look at me strangely when I tell them “A little over 38 years.” It’s the absolute truth in my particular case.  945 more words


I Want To Rehit That Shot!

Have you ever struck a ball and immediately wanted to have it back? I know that over the course of a round of golf, there are several shots I wish I could call a do-over or mulligan. 315 more words


Hey guys, it’s not that deep in the journey of self-discovery


“It’s not that deep.”

I say it so often that I consider it a mantra.

Every time fall rolls around, the leaves turn orange, the air becomes cold and the drinks are pumpkin spiced. 470 more words