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Mulligan? Is that a Michigan soccer team?

I don’t know sports. Like REALLY don’t know sports.


One of the first dates Darren took me on was an evening of Putt-Putt. There was this kid in front of us…he was maybe 10 years old and kept saying ‘I hit that outta here like Larry Walker’ and would then look at me, as if he was looking for a ‘wow’ or a ‘good job, Buddy’. 302 more words

Poor Darren

Letter to My Younger Self

In the gym dressing room, guys routinely chat about the same things: their workout, work, last night’s big game or how crowded the gym is. Maybe that’s why last week’s quick interaction has stuck in my head. 693 more words

In-Depth: Yesterday & Today

Throwback: Teachers, alums reminisce on Marian traditions throughout time


On an average day in the life of a Marian girl in 1980, the morning would begin by piling into a car with as many Marian girls as the small four-door sedan could fit. 851 more words


‘Back when I was your age, I never...’

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We all know the feeling. You’re sitting there on your phone, scrolling through Facebook or checking your email, when you see the glimmer of hope in your parent’s eye. 501 more words


Mulligan’s state title makes for sweet homecoming

By Payton Brooks, social media editor

The bitter wind was blowing across the anxious faces of the people gathered outside Saegertown High School as four fire engines blared their horns on their way through town on Sunday, March 12. 469 more words


In-Depth: Mental Health

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Everyone is familiar with anxiety. 979 more words


In-Depth: Aller-geez!

EpiPen price inflation hits home with Marian students


*Due to HIPAA restrictions, we are not allowed to directly quote any students on the specific details of their allergies. 1,030 more words