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Pagan "Wizard" Busted Selling Endangered Owl Heads

Paganism: welcoming boys who play with roadkill for over 1600 years…

Via Daily Record UK:

A self-styled wizard has admitted illegally keeping owl heads in jam jars and other bird limbs for a business targeting other pagans.

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Mormon Prophet To Nubile Youth: Satan Knows Our "Enticing" Appetites

Yes, yes — “our appetites” for all that hot kinky sex are very “enticing,” but “ultimate safety” lies in cinching your magic underwear tight as a chastity belt, so you don’t fuck up and FORFEIT your own planet Kolob! 129 more words

Amish Spiked Horseshoes Trashing Wisconsin Roads

Because it’s not enough to merely eschew modern transportation — the Lord demands that you slowly, methodically grind all that showy pavement back into manure-choked rivers of mud! 92 more words

Menses-Drinking "Healer" Might Just Be A Hippy Prostitute

Bali-based Nadine Lee, a self-taught expert in “menstruation magic,” (because all the accredited programs were full) has had an exciting week, scoring press around the world, including a UK tabloid trifecta with write-ups in… 751 more words

Trailer Park Death Cult Leader Jailed On 5 Counts Sexual Assault & Kidnapping

Via ABC News 4:

COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCIV) — Ralph G. Stair, 84, the leader of Colleton County-based Overcomer Ministry,  has been arrested on multiple charges, including…

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Mormon Polygamists Resign En Masse After Vagina-Haver Elected Mayor

Who can blame the backwater bureaucrats of Hildale, Utah? No doubt their single traffic light ran much better under their exalted Pedo-Prophet Warren Jeffs85 more words

Native Americans Sue TSA For Touching Emotional Support Trinkets

Rejoice, weary traveler – for now in addition to enduring a veritable Noah’s Arc of “support” beasts at 30,000 feet, you can look forward to a cabin festooned with magic dreamcatchers and peyote cacti… 150 more words