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Great Organizational Charging Station

EasyAcc Double-deck Multi-device Charging Organization Station Dock Stand 

This is very handy charging station that I really like and I am now thinking about getting my husband one too. 170 more words

Sharenting to Equal Parenting: 5 Popular Beliefs on the Modern Family Explained

The mission of parenting—to raise healthy, happy children—is timeless. But has the parenting journey changed since entering the digital age? Using commissioned research and Facebook and Instagram data… 598 more words


Looking Forward: Health in the Digital Age

With improvements in healthcare technologies come the advancement of human potential. So much so that the question has to be asked: will people one day be able to engineer the best physical version of themselves? 872 more words


Modern Parenting: A World of Infinite Choices and Voices

First-time parents are met with an overwhelming sea of products and services. And decisions about how best to spend money, whose opinions to follow and what advice to take only seem to multiply as kids get older. 200 more words


The Multidevice Movement: Thais, Taiwanese and Aussies

The sun has set. A Thai college student texts a selfie to her boyfriend as she types up her homework in Bangkok. A businessman in Taipei swipes through the day’s news on his tablet while calling his wife. 898 more words


The Multidevice Movement: Teens in France and Germany

It’s their “second skin,” their “shadow,” their morning alarm and their digital scrapbook. For many teens in France and Germany, a smartphone is not just something they own—it’s a part of their identity.  826 more words


The M-Factor for Today's Omni-Channel Shoppers

Shopping basket in one hand and a smartphone in the other, shoppers are increasingly turning to mobile to do research, compare prices and even make their final purchase. 782 more words