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More on the project ideas. Also, a new CFD software benchmark-cum-shop-floor test.

Update added on 2015.05.17; check out the near the end of this post.

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Article of the Week: Temple Grandin Tells It Like It Is

In Temple Grandin’s The World Needs All Kinds of Minds, Grandin explains what we need to do to help the K-12 Education System transform into a place where autistic kids can learn, just as well as anyone else. 65 more words


>Ma crème>  #Finland #Curriculum Reform 2016, by Finland

What is going on in Finland? – Curriculum Reform 2016

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it is important to understand, from their own point of view, what is actually happening.

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After the Poster and Presentation Workshop...

The Poster and Presentation Workshop that took place on the 25th March 2015 provided relevant and practical information for Research Students on how to present a good poster and oral presentation. 82 more words

Annual Summer Conference

Call for Papers: The Senses and Visual Culture from Antiquity to the Renaissance (Bristol, 8-9 June 2015)

Where does the recent sensory turn in the Arts and Humanities leave the study of Visual Culture? Can the viewer/object model incorporate the full sensorium without imposing ocularcentrism? 287 more words

Call For Papers

Privileged glimpses 2: People are just people

This series of blog posts first appeared a few years ago on a now defunct blog called ‘Care Training’. It was inspired by the training maxim of ‘making the unconscious conscious’. 382 more words

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The Weeping Tree and the Three Seeds of Inspiration

This year began with a stint of freelance work as a research assistant for a project bringing together various key figures from British puppetry to ask what puppetry, and the professionals specialising in it, truly needs to thrive in England. 2,256 more words