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Year of the Monkey

How fortunate its people.
The wealth of different cultures.
Of a diversity of New Years.
To celebrate with your neighbour.

‘Open house’ during festivals.
A wide-spread of tasty food.

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My 'hood: "Finding the American Ideal in Queens" -- 'In Jackson Heights' from the New Yorker, Richard Brody


Frederick Wiseman’s new documentary film, “In Jackson Heights,” is about the very stuff of life—the ability to make a living, to live in safety, to live without fear, to plan for the future. 1,603 more words

The Culture Of The Playground

I’ve had the privilege of spending much of this past weekend at soccer games. This new generation of family players is exciting to watch and full of potential. 514 more words

Published... officially

My play, The Boy Who Cried Dragon, is here!

It’s been a journey and I’m so happy to offer a play for young audiences that features an ethnically diverse cast and an African-American main character in 13-year-old Travis. 156 more words


Aloha 'aina; aloha 'oe

The astronomers are trying to build another telescope on the summit of Mauna Kea.
The Hawaiians are protesting.

In my mind,
I am shuffling journal articles, 353 more words


Stop Using "Multi-cultural" when you really mean "Multi-racial."

I usually encourage others to be more specific when they use the term “multi-cultural.” Very often, people usually use this term interchangeably with “multi-racial.” If they look at a room with people of different skin colors, sometimes they say that it’s a “multi-cultural” grouping. 308 more words

Race And Ethnicity