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Books Featuring African-American Children

February is African American History Month, so what better time than to intentionally seek out some books that feature African American children? Whatever your family or classroom’s racial and ethnic make-up, it’s always positive to show our children and students diverse people in the books we read with them. 372 more words

Children's Literature

Empowering Voices—in Prayer

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Sunday, November 20, 2016

Empowering Voices—in Prayer

I live in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural suburb of Chicago. I work in another multi-ethnic, multi-cultural suburb of Chicago. 455 more words

Michelle Alexander | Learning to Walk

Is America possible?

Professor Michelle Alexander. (photo: Clutch Magazine)

By Michelle Alexander, Michelle Alexander’s Facebook Page  November 16, 2016

ike millions of people, I am still struggling to wrap my mind around what the election means for our collective future. 416 more words


But, Where are you REALLY from? Mixed-Race and Not-So-Proud.

I am Mixed Race. In all I have over 10 ethnic identities. I am Australian-born but have South-East Asian, Eastern/Southern European and Middle-Eastern blood. I have olive skin, blue-green eyes, and dark auburn red hair which is sometimes curly, sometimes pin-straight. 412 more words

Listen Here

So, in my last blog post I challenged you to go beyond a shallow understanding of the experience of brothers and sisters who aren’t like you.   101 more words

For the Love of Christ

I know this isn’t safe.  Most of the times I have spoken out about the racialized state of our nation it has been met with silence, or counter arguments.  554 more words

A Starting Place for Conversation

To My African American Brothers and Sisters,

I want to apologize.  I apologize for the actions and oppression of my fathers.  I apologize on behalf of all my ancestors who were a part of taking your ancestors from their homes and making them slaves.  443 more words