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But, Where are you REALLY from? Mixed-Race and Not-So-Proud.

I am Mixed Race. In all I have over 10 ethnic identities. I am Australian-born but have South-East Asian, Eastern/Southern European and Middle-Eastern blood. I have olive skin, blue-green eyes, and dark auburn red hair which is sometimes curly, sometimes pin-straight. 412 more words

Listen Here

So, in my last blog post I challenged you to go beyond a shallow understanding of the experience of brothers and sisters who aren’t like you.   101 more words

For the Love of Christ

I know this isn’t safe.  Most of the times I have spoken out about the racialized state of our nation it has been met with silence, or counter arguments.  554 more words

A Starting Place for Conversation

To My African American Brothers and Sisters,

I want to apologize.  I apologize for the actions and oppression of my fathers.  I apologize on behalf of all my ancestors who were a part of taking your ancestors from their homes and making them slaves.  443 more words

Slowing Down as a Family

When my daughters and I snuggled on the couch this week to read Quiet in the Garden by Aliki, it reminded me of the importance of slowing down as a family. 602 more words


Interfaith Banquet for Peace

Matterofprayer: A Year of Everyday Prayers – Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Interfaith Banquet for Peace

I gathered together with a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, interfaith group of people for a banquet on Sunday evening. 332 more words

Back to School Read

August means preparing for the new school year. Even now, many parents are trying to fit in a whirlwind of activity before September: last-minute play dates and family getaways, shopping for new clothes and class supplies, paying school fees and arranging car pools. 410 more words