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AeroTwist - Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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Designer: Kateryna Sokolova

Categories: Gadgets Portable AudioSpeakers

Year: Present-2020






Overview: Stylish, light and multi-function it is all about AeroTwist. 56 more words


A Quick Realization

So it’s best I address the elephant in the room, the one that often wanders around in the back of my brain every time I put two and two together. 511 more words

Graphic Design

Table brothers...

Enjoy the flexibility of form and use in table brothers. In 2012 the design was one out of ten nominees for the ‘Noordelijke Ontwerpprijs’

A set of two tables were adults and kids can enjoy their lives together all day with eat, work and play. 173 more words


8 Tips For When Paring Down Gets Sticky

There are bloggers, and authors, and speakers, and just TONS of information about how to get rid of/organize about 85% of your stuff. However, when I was in the thick of it, I ran into some interesting aspects of paring down that I never found addressed anywhere else. 2,865 more words


The Room of Requirement - What Started It All

I often hear people talking about not having enough space in their homes. They buy a bigger house, then fill their house with a lot more stuff, then need to buy another bigger home in order to hold all their new things. 1,406 more words