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Adding an Independent Living Area to Your Home

Years ago, it wasn’t so uncommon to have multiple generations living in the same home. Sometimes these were aging parents moving back in with their kids, and other times they were college students getting their finances in order after graduation. 401 more words

Successful Multi-Generational Living When You're Not The Waltons.

“Goodnight, John-Boy.” That was the iconic closing line of The Waltons episodes, a 1970s television series about seven children, their parents, and grandparents, who lived together in a rural Virginia farmhouse during the 1930s and 40s. 439 more words


Top 7 tips to make Disney World a magical extended family vacation

You are only as happy as the least happy member of your group. There is a similar saying about families, but it really does apply to group travel as well. 1,265 more words

Family Trip

From Empty Nest to Full House… Multi-generational Families Are Back!

Multi-generational homes are coming back in a big way! In the 1950s, about 21%, or 32.2 million Americans shared a roof with their grown children or parents. 414 more words

Lake Of The Ozarks

What is Normal?

That is the question in our lives right now. The Turner family is trying to find a normal. Truly normal does not exist, Just an Illusion of that. 762 more words

Inner Childhood

As wide-eyed as a toddler’s giggle,
I muddle through the changes
Of Motherhood and Teacher
Learning more than teaching
Loving more than liking
Sharing more than taking… 45 more words

Heism: A Multi-Generational Struggle for Inequality

Most people are familiar with the term feminism, but what about the highly underrepresented group, the heists? (pronounced: heee-ist). A 100% white male demographic, the group Heists of ‘Murica plans to march on Washington this coming Monday to present President Obama with their demands. 310 more words