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Homemade Leather and Wood Restoration

Hi Friends!

So since this blog is a catchall of things that happen around here, I thought I would post some things I have cleaned at home with recipes I made myself that cost next to NOTHING. 499 more words


Celebrating 88!

Since we all moved into our shared home , my husband and I have tried to make our parents’ birthdays an event- or as much of one as they enjoy.   223 more words


December and January

Hello Friends!!

So, Johan and I had the idea to start a blog and vlog to keep our friends and family updated on the little dude (TJ) and Isabel and to also just feel more connected to our friends and family through watching actual “home video” footage as opposed to just talking about things. 1,044 more words


A Splash of Color

At dinner the other night, my mom asked me to pull out my monthly planner (a paper version as I don’t trust online calendars) and tell her how many weekends between now and the end of March I have free. 431 more words


Underwater Mortgage Letters to Gov. Reps.

So I sent emails to the John Stewart show regarding Julian Castro’s comments regarding underwater- mortgages, crap, he was spewing crap.  I then figured WTF, so I sent out seven more emails to all my gov. 516 more words


You are a Caregiver Now

Either by intent or default, you are now the primary caregiver to an elderly loved one. If by intent, you have hopefully taken some time to plan. 619 more words


Words once Spoken

I knew, this summer when my son turned 19 it was going to be a turning point. To me, it meant that after ten long years of not being able to see him, that it was now an option. 2,846 more words

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