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Sight Seeing

The question isn’t where you have traveled or are traveling to but are you where you are, RIGHT NOW.

I go back to 1970 flying from Chicago to DC.  273 more words



What a privilege it was to share at the Valley Assembly Mother Daughter Tea on Friday, May 8, 2015. Below is what I shared with the ladies gathered for a “generational” fiesta. 1,082 more words

Bob and the Auditors

We battle-weary commuters come to know the patterns of our rush-hour comrades, not least because they mimic our own, right down to seat preference; anything over a year of taking (nearly) the same train, and targeting the same seats, leaves you knowing many of those you travel with by sight. 829 more words

Work Space

A Wrench for the Works: Springtime Plumbing Tips

Running water is one of the most basic amenities/necessities of modern life. I shudder when I think of life without it. The plumber who comes to your aid is truly a HERO (think burst pipes underground or drains that are completely clogged). 605 more words

Moving on Up!

Moving Day!

I know what you’re thinking. But Mara, the house can’t possibly be ready! Annnnd you are right! It’s not. While it may have been beneficial to stay in this place until the end of April instead of March, we elected to save our rent money for more important things… like paint. 419 more words



Making desserts for someone who is diabetic is a daunting prospect, especially when they are also allergic to wheat. So, I’m always on the look out for ways to make a sweet that is sugar-free, wheat free and actually tastes good. 270 more words

How To Build A Savvy and Supportive Multi-Generational Team

Today’s workplace can have teams made up of four generations of individuals – boomers, GenX, GenY and millenials. Each generation has its perspective on work and perception and prejudice about the other generations. 478 more words

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