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#Read about Guest #Author Natacha Guyot

Hello everyone! My name is Natacha Guyot, I am author, scholar and public speaker.

I was born in Paris, raised in Versailles and lived in London for a year. 1,348 more words


Ms. Fix- The Indian Ocean

California was Mr. Bungle’s third and final album, which is fitting because the moment before the death rattle escapes should ride the same emotional and sonic roller-coaster if it is going to come anywhere close to being satisfying. 349 more words

Writing a Graphic Novel

The other day I was talking to a writer friend and told him he should write a graphic novel. He poo-pooed that idea saying he wasn’t an illustrator. 1,320 more words

Authors And Illustrators

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AUTHORS - I know MANY of you who COULD illustrate your own books. SO, think - "Why not give it a try?" instead of - "Oh I can't do..." :D

#Read about Guest #Author M.T. Bass

Call me Mudcat!

It dates back to a time when I labored in the very bowels of corporate America. I gave everybody I worked with a blues nickname. 754 more words


Slice #5: What is Beauty?

This morning I woke up and decided the world needed more beauty, so I created an infographic of sorts to spread my message…


Idea adapted from Rainn Wilson’s… 10 more words

Slice Of Life Writing

#Read about Guest #Author Ekaterina Botziou

‘The man may be the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants.’

As the daughter of a red-blooded, hairy chested, plate-smashing Spartan, and more recently the wife of an (ever so slightly) less hairy-chested but no less red-blooded Cypriot warrior, I live my life by this saying. 697 more words


On Short Stories, Reading and Other Ramblings

The Children’s books of my youth were filled with short stories, many of them surrounding the tumultuous conflicts of chicks, puppies and other farm animals, often unfolding in and around parks, ponds and barns.  2,443 more words

C.C. Kelly

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AUTHORS - The truth is in this article :D