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The 10 Year All-Flash Array - Will Your All-Flash Array Wear Out?

An All-Flash Array is a performance sledgehammer. It shatters the performance problems that most data centers face and will likely continue to do so for years. 1,003 more words


Some great analysis on SSD wear leveling and power consumption

Some great analysis by Cullen Logan at Amazon.com appeared on LinkedIn over the weekend in response to my post “Are Enterprise SSDs a “bad” idea? 417 more words


Tweaktown review of 1.6Tbyte SMART Storage Optimus SSD reveals a few secrets. Wanna see them?

Tweaktown.com attended last week’s Flash Memory Summit and has published some great photos of the internals of the 2.5-inch SMART Storage 1.6Tbyte Optimus SSD. The drive has dual SAS ports with accompanying specs of 1Gbps sequential read and 500MGbps sequential write speeds using consumer-grade MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memory. 191 more words


How Skyera developed the 44Tbyte, enterprise-class Skyhawk SSD from the ground up. A System Realization story.

I rarely get to tell an in-depth System Realization story like this one. The development of the 44Tbyte, enterprise-class Skyhawk SSD starts with a clear picture of the objective—build an enterprise-class, solid-state storage server using commercial MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memory—and unfolds, well, systematically from there. 833 more words


Flash memory endurance, multi-level cells, and process technology

I’ve been following an interesting discussion about Flash memory endurance, multi-level cells, and process technology in the LinkedIn Solid State Storage Group. Yesterday, The Memory Guy… 236 more words


Are Enterprise SSDs a “bad” idea? Four tips and counter-tips for your consideration.

I ran across a commentary on the Kaminerio Web site, “Is SSD Really a Bad Idea? BE CAREFUL WHOSE ADVICE YOU TAKE” by Eyal Markovich, which is a reaction to a blog posting by Phil Goodwin on the SearchSolidStateStorage.com Web site titled “ 207 more words