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Sound Design: Noise making guns that make gun noises

I am preparing for audio post production for a first person shooter game, obviously I’m going to need gun sounds but I do not own a gun (I had a spud gun once) so recording real life gun shots isn’t going to be an option, however during my years I have come across a technique by using white/pink noise, volume automation, EQ’ing and creative thought that could go along way for post production illusionists. 734 more words

Testimony video from #IAmOneInThree protest

Simamkele Dlakavu, a student activist from Wits shares her testimony at today’s #IAmOneInThree solidarity protest with Rhodes University against #RapeCulture

Semester 1

Storify #IAmOneInThree Wits protest

Curated story using strorify to put together some of the tweets posted during the solidarity protest #IAmOneInThree  6 more words

Semester 1

#FeesMustFall and #IAmOneInThree

Two short social media clips that demonstrate the protest culture at wits and show how students stand for what they believe. The fight for change, the fight for free education and the fight against rape culture.

Semester 1