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Do kids still make mix-tapes anymore?  Choose 8 songs for your Side A and 8 songs for Side B (from back when you had to flip the cassettes to hear the entire album).  44 more words



Find one of your favorite memes.  What pieces make up the meme? What does the image give the reader?  The text?  What do you have to know to understand these images?  8 more words


Take On Me

Give a listen to these two songs.

Reel Big Fish

Lake Street Dive

Obviously, these aren’t the original versions of the song.  I pose this question to you: who owns this song?  Who owns the cover?


Ska- New and Old

If you’ve never given ska a try, try it here:

Desmond Dekker & The Aces

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

These two songs were released almost thirty years apart, but both contribute to the same musical tradition.  38 more words


Macklemore Analysis

Listen to this song by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (featuring Jamila Woods).  In this song he analyzes the issue of white privilege and his own relationship to his privileges.  31 more words


Pizza Party

Go to your favorite pizza place in Wichita.  When there, make notes about the ambiance, the pizza, the flavors and textures.  Once you have your notes assembled, construct a short argument as to why this pizza is your favorite.


Photo Essay

Snap a few photos during the day.  In your journal, tie three of them together to form a mini-photo essay.  They should be tied together by a theme or a narrative.