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Commute Seattle - 2017 Mode Split Survey Results

2017 Center City Commuter Mode Split

According to a new survey conducted by Commute Seattle on behalf of the Seattle Department of Transportation, just 25 percent of commuters traveling into downtown Seattle are driving alone during the peak hours of 6 – 9 a.m. 167 more words


How a Dutch city became a cycling capital of the world

By Bruce Lieberman – Friday, January 19, 2018

In the Dutch city of Utrecht, commuters, tourists, and school children whiz to-and-fro on bikes. You’ll see cyclists wearing business suits, carrying grocery bags, and even holding umbrellas in the rain. 182 more words


What Is a City Street? And What Will It Become?

By Justin Davidson

The most essential designed component of New York is not a skyscraper or a station, but the street. That basic workhorse of public space carries people, freight, and vehicles on its surface; water, sewage, power, gas, steam, and data below. 1,878 more words


Re-imagining our roads

On-the-street solutions for improving five American cities, with accessibility and mobility in mind

By Patrick Sisson and Alissa Walker  Sep 6, 2017, 12:56pm EDT

n the quest to create more pedestrian-friendly cities, urban planners often carve out space in obvious places like parks, greenways, and waterfronts. 1,429 more words


Changes in Melbourne's journey to work - by mode (2006-2016)

Post updated 11 May 2018. See end of post for details.

My last post looked at the overall trends in journeys to work in Melbourne, with a focus on public and private transport at the aggregate level. 2,726 more words



Take a look at a narrative-based album (e.g. My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The Absolutely True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys or even Beyoncé’s Lemonade… 29 more words



Collections are odd things, at least in my opinion.  They take different objects and bring them together somehow.  Even stranger, almost everyone collects something, to which I ask, what do you collect?  25 more words