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cognitive load

This is me:

This is my brain:

Fight the urge to google. Fight the societal restraints and glorification of multi-tasking.
***please remember that I have a strange sense of humor and this is supposed to be a copycat of health ads and even though I am serious I am also making light***** 11 more words


Five Secrets to Multi-Tasking

Tips and tricks on how to accomplish more with multi-tasking.

They often say that multi-tasking actually isn’t possible, because you can only really pay attention to one thing at any given time. 670 more words


Let's Talk Cellphones!

We all use cell phones, they have become a vital part of our lives.  A lot of us don’t even deal with landlines anymore.  And what’s the point, right?  640 more words


Blurring the lines

Someone once told me that a man lives his life in neat little boxes, and either he is busy dealing with one box or the other, but rarely does he do two boxes at the same time. 1,400 more words


Mindfulness or Motherhood

“MOOOOOOOOOOOOM, my ponytail is stuck in my hair,” Esmé yells from the dining room table.  Esmé, I think, that is your name and yet it sounds as though it is a foreign country I may have learned about in geography when I was twelve. 475 more words

Personal Musings

Currently working on the techno song. Tons of ideas floating through my head as I move tracks around. I absolutely love music. Arranging these tracks and adding sounds only makes me want to get up and play an instrument.


Easy like Sunday Morning...

Sunday. The greatest day in existence.

Even though Monday comes right after, I thoroughly enjoy the ease that is a Sunday. It is the only day where I come close to having that mythical thing called ‘Alone Time’. 564 more words