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Soup's On!

I make my blog post while waiting for the water to boil.  I am daringly making my cooking post before I actually taste what I am cooking.  326 more words


Deep Work: a Book Review

Entrepreneurs are masters of multi-tasking… or so we think. I have come to realize that I’m kidding myself. I’m not an effective multi-tasker, just a bit AD.. 161 more words

Personal Training Business

Friday Write-Day: Holy Crap NaNoWriMo is Coming!

Holy crap it’s almost November! I’ve been looking forward to National Novel Writing Month basically all year, and it somehow still snuck up on me. 408 more words

Writers - Steve D'Adamo

Multi-tasking: Susanna Janssen

Darn and Double Darn: The Multi-tasker Mindset

I’m driving to the airport this beautiful autumn afternoon. I could be listening to my Italian lesson CD to make good use of time, but a pressing assignment is calling forth my multi-tasking prowess. 709 more words

Writer's Notes

Why technology kills our productivity

I have a serious love hate relationship with my phone. On one hand, I couldn’t be without it, on the other hand, there are times when you may find an iPhone shaped hold through my window. 485 more words

The Beauty of Silence

This blog hosts nearly 700 posts.  Once in a while I re-blog a post that followers who are new to the blog may not have read.  763 more words

Living As Apprentices