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Junior Snowmaggedon

Snowmaggedon didn’t quite happen. Did we get snow? Sure. Was it at levels that made functioning outside of a person’s home almost impossible? Nope! The more important question, was it pretty? 472 more words

Home Life


I never thought of myself as easily distracted..just someone who does a lot of multi tasking.  However…I’m looking at my half cleaned kitchen, half made chicken casserole, the load of laundry I just sat in the living room where my Swiffer duster is in front of the tv and then back at my dryer door open waiting for the load of laundry that finished washing an hour ago.   41 more words


Start: write

So despite all of my self-directed pep talks and statements of intent, the last couple of months have been a bit of a damp squib as far as writing is concerned. 601 more words


I might make a lemon sauce,
the kind that I can toss
at the bedbugs if they bite me in the night.

I do like multi-tasking, 36 more words

Personal Tip

Keep going.

This week, I’ve felt unmotivated to work many of my creative projects. Every time I sit down to work on my book, I think, “Where do I even start today?” I love the project and the discoveries I’ve made over the past two-and-a-half years, but I feel like I’ve found myself lost in the thick of dense woods, surrounded by mountains of material but having no idea which direction to step. 357 more words


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Pro2Call has been an excellent resource in our ongoing commercial pest control here at FAST of Florida. 110 more words

Customer Service

Multi-Tasking Behind the Wheel

Or as Deborah Hersman put it: “It’s the cognitive workload on your brain that’s the problem.” Hersman, president of the nonprofit National Safety Council and a former chairwoman of the federal National Transportation Safety Board, said it was not clear how much those various technologies (hands-free) reduced distraction — or, instead, encouraged people to use even more functions on their phones while driving. 133 more words