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Multi-tasking is bad for us

If multi-tasking decreases productivity, then why are we still expected to do ten things at once?



Slow Down to Accomplish More

I said this today while on a business call, “We all seem to be running on empty.”

Slow down to accomplish more:

Small Business

Efficient multi-tasking

This year I am again doing the Popsugar reading challenge. For efficient and effective multi-tasking purposes I have opted to make the “a book that’s more than 600 pages” challenge double up as something useful work my career by reading the InDesign CC Help book. 29 more words

Real Life

One thing at a time

This is what James Clear has to say about the need to do one thing at a time to be successful at it.

He could be watching my life from afar. 321 more words

Distracted Mind

Turkers aren't as sleepy as students

That’s one of the conclusions of a new study comparing MTurk workers to students and a community sample: “MTurk participants were less likely than campus and community participants to complete studies while sleepy “. 328 more words


Appearance is everything...Right?

Whatever you focus on grows…

Imagination may be used effectively in even the smallest details of appearance which in result can bring you much success. 595 more words


Puhlease, be more specific

On our way to the ice rink, I handed a cookie to Leah that was in a wrapper. She finished it just in time as I parked the car in a somewhat shaded spot. 160 more words

Countless Moments