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The Elephant in the room: Why I recommend studying without your phone

In the early beginning of this academic year, I was asked to give a lecture on study strategy. What I at least wanted to recommend the new freshman, is studying without your phone in the room. 403 more words


Don't Be so Hard on Yourself!

For some reason, a commercial I remembered from my childhood started floating through my brain sometime during the night. I do know the reason why, but I want this to be a happy post! 614 more words

Our Christian Walk


by Anja Uitdehaag

Doing several things simultaneously makes you feel like you’re getting lots of things done. However, multitasking is a myth; it doesn’t exist. When you attempt to do several things your brains actually switch their focus from one task to another instead of effectively doing two things simultaneously.  399 more words


Who was She ?

She barely managed to reach office on time and left early mostly.
They thought she was not committed.

She was always in a hurry,
They thought she was pretending to be busy. 53 more words

Writing Challenges

Focus on monotasking

Read This Story Without Distraction (Can You?)

Stop what you’re doing. Well, keep reading. Just stop everything else that you’re doing. Mute your music. Turn off your television. 139 more words

Behavioral Economics

My Favorite, Time-Saving Kitchen Appliance (Day 15)

Rounding out a week of kitchen-related posts comes today’s post.  This appliance is, by far, my favorite appliance in use in my kitchen, or while cooking.   350 more words


Switching Off

Brits spend over five hours a day staring at their phones according to recent research, now add to that the time spent at computers and iPad’s and you’re looking at a big chunk of your day spent multi-tasking and usually multi screening, working our way through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 331 more words