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Do you feel heard?

Listening is an act of kindness.  Because we multitask so much today, we sometimes overlook the art of listening to people. I am guilty of speaking to my friends on the telephone and liking posts of FB and even though it is on the phone people know when you are not with them 100 per cent because I have been asked during some of these interactions “are you listening?” 75 more words


Making a Key Holder

I just finished my upcycled key holder and am reasonably proud of it.  There is room for improvement.  But let’s take it a step at a time. 836 more words


It Is Thursday

Technically I am writing this on a Saturday Sunday Saturday.

I finally had to tell my parents to stop being racist. I guess, more specifically, Islamaphobic. 460 more words

Writing And Reading

Firing on all cylinders.

With nine days out of the office looming, I had to kick everything into high gear this week, trying to cram two weeks’ worth of work and work prep into three days. 344 more words


Introverts - Generalists

I have seen all those articles recently popping up on Facebook celebrating introverts and telling the world how great they are and all the things they contribute to teams, relationships and the world as a whole.   771 more words


"Alone together"

One of the opportunities presented by flying,  is the chance to spend time isolated form the normal events which impact during a day.

So last week,  with several flights,  I took the chance to re-read parts of Sherry Turkle’s book  “Alone together – why we expect more from technology and less from each other”.  375 more words



Every single one of us – writer, reader, or neither – has multiple tasks to accomplish each day. Most of the time, those tasks seem to be compartmentalized based on identity: there are mom/dad tasks, work tasks, maid tasks (haha), head chef tasks (another ha), chauffeur, etc. 192 more words