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The Amazing Brain: A reflection on why mine is writing speeches while doing laundry!

Even though I know my brain needs a lot to think about on a steady basis,  and that amount is probably more than the average person, I think I might be headed towards overload. 494 more words


Mon. Feb. 19, 2018: "Be Kind To Your Mind" #UpbeatAuthors

The topic today is “Be Kind to Your Mind.”

I find that works in multiple parts.

The first part has to do with making the time for meditation. 1,152 more words

Giving Single Tasking A Try

Work has been crazy and I have felt literally underwater.  My husband and I leave on Monday for an early 20th anniversary trip to the Bahamas.  439 more words

The rise of women in business: A theory

I recently watched All The President’s Men for the first time. During a very particular scene where the executives at the Washington Post are sitting in a conference room trying to decide what headlines to put in the next issue. 292 more words


5 easy ways to be more organized

Focus and ability to organize your life is the difference between achieving your goals or having regrets about unfulfilled tasks. Here are 5 ways which have helped me become more organized. 567 more words


What's love got to do with it?

We are in the “love month” – a perfect opportunity to talk about how love and unhurried living intersect. What does love have to do with unhurried living?

227 more words
Unhurried Living

Why I have a love/hate for phones

I hate social media. I say that but I actually love some things about it. I guess it’s better to say that I have a hate/love for it. 2,222 more words