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The 2nd Wave of The Ramone Drum Tracks

After the tedious, repetitive and laborious process of getting the lights just right for the green screen, I have finally been able to lay down drum tracks onto a multi-track… 524 more words

The Ramone

Be Kind...

Our world has become so busy it is difficult for any of us to be patient.

My patience was put to the test today. As a fairly new person to the retired world, I am still learning. 341 more words

Personal Blog

The Truth About Multi-Tasking

I’ll admit, I started to worry.  At work, I found myself frantically jumping from one task to another. It was taking me longer to complete my to-dos, I was making errors, and I found it difficult for me to focus on one task at a time… 331 more words

Wherever you are, be all there.

Do you ever feel like you are pulled in so many different directions that you are spinning in circles?

I often feel I’m in way over my head. 952 more words

Becoming The Virtuous Woman: My Project

So Much to do...

I make lists. Then I make some more of them. I fill diaries with them. I recycle every paper I find into mini sized to do lists. 286 more words

Single- or Multi-Tasking?

I’ve noticed that my attention span seems to be decreasing.  Even when I’m reading a book, I can’t help but keep my phone nearby “just in case” I get an important text message, e-mail, etc.  258 more words



Well, I have just completed my first week at work, they call it part-time even if you just drop seven and half hours. It was a hard four days, work have already messed up on my days off so I had to work four days in a row which meant I have missed spending quality time with George. 254 more words