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Day 30: Shifting Focus

What are we focused on each day? Β The fast pace of the world? Β The stress of our to do lists? Β The sheer volume of all we want to accomplish? Β  219 more words

Slowing Down

A New Quilt Project

You know how you have lots of projects already in the works, but can never seem to find the time to finish them? You don’t? Oh. 250 more words


Go for Jamie

So, I know that writing a super serious post and then not writing anything else for weeks is kind of a douche move but, guys, I have been SO BUSY. Β  388 more words

Attack to Disarm.

SWMBO is brilliant at starting a conversation with total strangers.
It’s fascinating to watch too.
A casual comment, a smile, and if they have a dog she very quickly develops an empathy with them. 912 more words


3 Tips To Stop Getting Distracted By Your Cellphone All The Time by Silvia Mordini

Are you over distracted? I’m here to help. Here are my 3 tips via #MindBodyGreen

1. Reduce the tendency to multi-task.
Though we think we’re being more productive, multi-tasking actually reduces our focus, increases stress and reduces overall productivity. 20 more words


Be Single-Tasking!

Multi-tasking is only for computer processors. It is a myth for humans.

Hold one thought in your mind and after a minute hold another different one. 70 more words