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Future Master of Psychology

Because duh, after this year I will be a master in all things mental and I will be able to answer ALL questions. HA!

Since coming to Edinburgh, my mind has been a raging, active, incoherent mess. 866 more words


Your Opinion, Please

Upon first sighting, you might think that I am going to open up the well-known butter versus margarine debate and ask you to weigh in on the matter to see whether or not we agree or disagree with each other.   462 more words

Daily Word Prompt

Thrashing and Rosh Hashana 5777

In the days of primitive computers, these machines could do only one thing at a time. They would complete one task and then move on to the next. 320 more words


Wicked Wednesdays #9: A Mindful Multi-tasking Mummy

Mindfulness and multi-tasking are incompatible – so say  Mindfulness Gurus like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Mark Williams.  And of course they are right.  Who am I to argue with eminent professors from two of the world’s leading universities? 413 more words

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Putting the Human back into Connection

When you hear the word ‘connection’ what comes to mind? For most it would evoke thoughts of seeking out the strongest Wi-Fi signal, typing out an introductory email to an important business contact or even sending a friend request on Facebook to build your network of connections. 976 more words


Recommended Link: I used to be a Human Being

My good friend Barney sent me the link today. I have just finished reading Andrew Sullivan’s article in the New York Magazine. It is moving, penetrating and manages, to my envy, to be both deep and wide-ranging. 702 more words

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Living in the moment - key for successful digitalization

We often talk about digitalization being the biggest threat to our competitiveness, but I would say that corporate stress and our diminishing cognitive abilities are much more sever for competitiveness. 1,198 more words