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EP #78: F Word Focus

This is our fourth F word to discuss: Focus

What is focus? Let’s look at focus as how you channel your thoughts and interests. Often, we get so busy multi-tasking, we tend to lose focus and aren’t able to finish one single task. 223 more words


The Dangers of Multi-Tasking | Working from Home

So, one of the super cool perks of this job is the ability to work from home one day a week.  I usually take Friday because, well, if I start working when I’d typically leave to drive to the office, I get done with some of the afternoon left.  395 more words

Working Life

Sports, nationalities, multi-tasking and why I watch

Let me get something off my chest…

While I was watching a boxing match Saturday night, a conversation broke out about whether Canelo Alvarez was 100% Mexican or allegedly..maybe..Irish. 897 more words

Paying attention to what matters

Giving our full attention to what’s in front of us rather than succumbing to unrelenting interruptions is one of the biggest challenges many of us face in our professional and personal lives. 118 more words

Dennis Sparks

Christmas is coming...

As a new venture, Christmas can be more than a bit daunting – and probably not for the reasons that you’d think. Sure the perilous thoughts of whether you have too much, too little or just enough stock is enough to cause Goldilocks type anxiety levels, but there are also other concerns, hopes and fears that are less obvious that can cause sleepless nights, moments of euphoria and periods of expectant trepidation! 598 more words


The tests

I’ll start this post with the statement that I am absolutely no technical whizz – I can get myself round a smartphone well enough and have a mean Candy Crush strategy, but when it comes to understanding the complexities of website budiling, computer programming and the myriad of technical mumbo jumbo associated with it, I become as lost as the 15 yr old Sarah in Labyrinth when she was searching to rescue Toby from the Goblet King (always had a bit of a crush on David Bowie from that film, guilty pleasure you could say). 761 more words



You are as much you as the world that holds you. 963 more words

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