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Puzzle Solved! Politician Name Swap

The Challenge

The challenge comes from listener Steve Daubenspeck of Fleetwood, Pa. Take the first names of two politicians in the news. Switch the first letters of their names and read the result backward to name something that each of these politicians is not.

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Puzzle Solving!

Multi-Process Multi-Threaded Architecture in Oracle 12c


In default Unix/Linux architecture, every Oracle process including background and foregroundĀ onesĀ runs as a dedicated OS process.

In 12c release 1 ( 12.1.0.x ) multi-process multi-threaded architecture, those four background processes ( PMON, DBW, VKTM and PSP) run as dedicated OS processes, the rest processes can be configured running as a thread, which largely saves CPU and Memory usage. 2,268 more words

12c New Features

Logoff RDP sessions on multiple servers

Last year I got a request from a colleague to make a script which can logoff all users (remote desktop sessions) from all windows servers in our environment. 2,254 more words