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Restoring Manjaro Grub after Ubuntu upgrade

On a multi-boot Linux computer where Ubuntu has already been installed, adding on Manjaro Linux installs its own version of Grub (that I’ll call Arch-Grub) that is different but compatible with that previously installed (that I’ll call Debian-Grub). 578 more words


Audigy Aural Action

By troubleshooting with an old PCI sound card, Windows had sound but also showed same sonic squelch as Linux. Unplugging the secondary upper monitor cured the problem. 57 more words


Multiboot Pendrives

A day will come, when you need a Multiboot Pen Drive… be prepared with: https://www.pendrivelinux.com

Eines Tages einen Multiboot USB Stick du benötigen wirst. Vorbereitet du sein kannst mit: … 7 more words


Boot Priority Issues with UEFI supported ASUS boards

UEFI increases the complexity of setting up a dual/ multi-boot OS system. For OEM systems, it might make sense since Windows is often the only OS there, but for custom built systems, this is a farce. 438 more words


How to Install Multiple Linux Distributions on One USB

Awesome stuff

This tutorial shows you how to install multiple Linux distributions on one USB. This way, you can enjoy more than one live Linux distros on a single USB key. 10 more words