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Multi-Booting a Mac

When it comes to playing games or developing software, Macs can be a real pain. Thankfully, Apple offers users the ability to boot both Windows and OSX using Boot Camp, but what about those of us that want to run a third Linux system? 767 more words


6 steps to discover everything about IP address

Our third term in computer science has been focused on networks. After studying a lot of theory about them  (uses, types, settings,…), we are now able to do our first practice. 1,335 more words


Booting FreeBSD with GRUB2 on MBR



menuentry “FreeBSD 9.0 (1)” –class freebsd –class bsd –class os


echo Chainloading slice hd0,2 … chainloader (hd0,2)+1



Two other possibilities from this post. 110 more words


How to make multiple bootable usb ( YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator)

Step 1 : First Download  YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator.

Step 2 : Run the Program..

Step # 3 : Click on I Agree.

Step # 4 :  1st step : Click showing all drives, then select USB Drive Step 2 : Select OS(windows 10,windows 7 and windows xp or Hiren s boot). 24 more words

Revealing the Mysteries of Disk Partitions

Our HDD is divided into parts called partitions, which can be either primary or extended. In this post we are going to learn to identify them through different processes and get to know the size of each of the partitions. 955 more words


Get to know your computer better!!

Have you ever imagined knowing all the characteristics of your own computer without opening it? In our first post we recommended that you download an operating system called Hiren’s Boot CD, which is the tool we are going to use to do this task. 802 more words


Discovering Our Computer

It is the first year we are studying Computer Science at school. In this first term we have been studying the physical parts of our computer and installing an operating system in a pendrive, in order to be used in a computer. 1,086 more words