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The ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s alleged misuse of her family’s private email account for official business might lead some to believe that she is pretty tech-savvy. 296 more words


Magna Carta Endangered

THE European Union Arrest Warrant (EAW) does not enhance the United Kingdom’s security but does risk miscarriages of justice and undermines centuries of legal protection. 310 more words


Who Are They?

Rep. Rick Allen, Georgia Republican, created quit a stir on Capitol Hill when he pulled out a Bible passage and began reading, as a way of showing fellow Republicans they ought to be ashamed for backing a spending bill that included language upholding a President Obama-backed ban on government contracts absent LGBT equal rights’ protections. 165 more words


German Armageddon?

GERMANY’S economic miracle is nearly over.

I HAVE a contact who specialises in analysis of economic trends. Unlike our Treasury he is usually right. His latest forecast is thought-provoking and at first likely to cause derision. 310 more words


Grand Slam

Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, offered up some scathing commentary on President Obama’s speech from Hiroshima, made Friday as America headed into Memorial Day weekend, saying the White House chief took advantage of his globally watched podium to slam Harry Truman for his role in dropping atomic bombs over Japan – decisions that hastened the end of World War II. 181 more words


Murder Most Foul

Killing Poonam Litt was a horrendous act, but then dumping her body and for the next three years telling everyone she had just simply disappeared calls for a longer than typical prison sentence for Mandeep Punia, a Superior Court judge has heard. 197 more words