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Curiouser and Curiouser

From the Big Bang to the Black Rabbit Holes of Moral Relativism

Have you noticed that many of the well-coifed commentator’s these days now use the phrase, “The fact of the matter” to preface their comments? 1,813 more words


Making the U.S. Military Submit to Shariah

By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Suddenly, a murderous threat has intensified in Afghanistan: American servicemen are being killed there at an accelerating rate by Afghans who ostensibly are their allies. 847 more words

United States

Why the West Loves Lying to Itself About Islam

By Daniel Greenfield

Say that you get a tempting offer from a Nigerian prince and decide to invest some money in helping him transfer his vast fortune from Burkina Faso or Dubai over to the bank across the street. 859 more words

Muslim Brotherhood

Finland's Iranian Mega-Mosque

By Soeren Kern at Gatestone Institute:

Although critics of the Helsinki mega-mosque have warned that the building will be used by the Iranian regime to recruit impressionable youths to Hezbollah, Finnish politicians have embraced the Shia mosque as a symbol of multicultural progress.

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Crucify Political Correctness on the Altar of Freedom of Speech

by Kelly OConnell at Canada Free Press: h/t upaces88

The West will either reject the logic of Political Correctness or suffer a catastrophic failure of vision, will, power and influence, destroying civil society as we know it. 2,025 more words


Islamophobophobia: Politically Correct Persecution

This video from Answering Muslims drives home the insanity of politically correct tolerance of the intolerable. Multiculturalism has brought us to the point where we are accused of being hateful for decrying a hateful ideology. 15 more words


Ayaan Hirsi Ali: The Advocates of Silence

Citizen Times:

Speech of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on occasion of the Axel Springer Honorary Prize in Berlin

Thank you so much for this great honor. 868 more words