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Attention Protocols in the Culturally Competent Classroom – Part 2

This is the second of a series of blog posts with great ideas for attention protocols that you can implement throughout your teaching day.

“Attention Signals With a Physical Response” 830 more words
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Your School is Not Multicultural

Your school is not multicultural. It is not intercultural, either, although I’m not sure there’s much of a difference. Despite the best verbiage we can manage, we’re continuing to colonize non-Western minds and cultures. 3,287 more words

Celebrate Multicutural Education

Multicultural Education is everyday!

Multicultural curriculum, materials and pedagogy should be embedded in every educational program daily!

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By William Garcia

Black Lives Matter curriculums emerging all over the U.S

With an increase media attention to police violence there is an emergence of educators utilizing… 1,551 more words

En la Clase: 10 Go-To Places for Quality Multicultural Resources

We talk about blogs, webpages and other sites for quality resources throughout the year, but I thought it may be helpful to have all of those resources in one place, like a cheat sheet of links to resources that we consult ourselves.  365 more words

Multicultural Literature

En la Clase: Building a Multicultural Classroom: Ideas for the Start of the Year

First, welcome back!

Over the past year we’ve connected with new readers and followers, and since many of you are teachers who return to the classroom over the next few weeks, I thought I’d share links to some of our past posts that talk about our approach to multicultural education here at Vamos a Leer and some great beginning-of-the-year activities.  800 more words

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