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Preparations for Global Week

Because of the very nature of our school, English Class pupils have an ongoing awareness of diversity and different cultures, but in March and April this awareness is enhanced by preparations for Global Week in April. 223 more words

Education In Pori, Finland

5 Stars Review of Chike the Invincible!

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Here is a 5 stars review… 318 more words

Ogo Okoye-johnson

EDU 6525 Meta Reflection

Module 1: What is Culture?

Barnett writes about Bethune’s contributions as a feminist, transformative educator, and social activist, yet one idea that permeates all three of these aspects of Bethune’s efforts is education.   1,963 more words

S3: Improve Teaching And Learning Through The Use Of Educational Research At The Classroom And School Levels.

EDU 6525 Culturally Responsive Teaching – Standard 5, Meta Reflection

1. articulate the major aims of the multicultural education movement. (COMPETENCE: Foundational Knowledge and skills, Communication)

2. contextualize their present understanding of multicultural education by demonstrating awareness of historical events and persons that helped sensitize Americans to issues of cultural diversity and inequity in education. 722 more words


EDU 6525 Culturally Responsive Teaching - Standard 5, Final Thoughts

When reading the Howard article I was strongly reminded of several good teachers and moments that I have had through the years. What really got to me though was I thought about all the things I’ve seen that aren’t ok, and that I have seen teachers do things that shouldn’t be done. 210 more words

EDU 6525 Culturally Responsive Teaching - Standard 5, Parents and Comunication

How might we re-think “parental involvement” to increase opportunities for more parents to participate?

I took a class here at SPU where we talked about what involvement from our parents really meant. 156 more words

EDU 6525 Culturally Responsive Teaching - Standard 5, Communication

1. As one parent put it “if English is good enough for Jesus, it’s good enough for my kid!” What are your thoughts on bilingual education? 334 more words