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Student Ownership: Multicultural Writing

As an English major, with a concentration in writing, I have written countless fictional works. In truth, characters’ ethnicities were not necessarily considered as the primary focus had been the plot. 462 more words

Multicultural Education

Approach & Awareness

Whether you have visited a local library, bookstore, or website, you have finally been able to add an authentic multicultural text to your literary collection. In truth, your eagerness will cause you to instantaneously present the text to your child or classroom. 395 more words

Multicultural Education

Authenticity & Authority

Due to the previous posts, concerned parents have posed a variation of the following:

“How do I choose multicultural books that don’t contain stereotypes?”

Essentially, these parents are questioning the authenticity and authority of a multicultural text. 380 more words

Multicultural Education

Single Story: Fact or Fiction?

“You’re not like the other Puerto Ricans,” a classmate divulged.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I don’t know. You don’t act like them,” he smiled sheepishly. 241 more words

Multicultural Education

Her complexion was similar to mine: a creamy olive. Her shoulder-length tresses, which partially framed her face, mirrored her cacao bean eyes. Such synchronism reflected my own physical features. 312 more words

Multicultural Education

First Classes, Tsing Tao, and Taiji Dance

I had my first Chinese class yesterday. I was fairly nervous since I did not know anyone and did not know how hard the class was going to be. 496 more words


Teaching for Social Justice transforms curriculum, educator mindset and improves student learning

Both educators and students want to be excited and engaged by the curriculum, but they also need it to support learning effectiveness. By examining how they could meet the needs of their students, these educators improved engagement and equity. 3,448 more words

Teacher Development