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Black Lives Matter Does Not Mean....

If I say to a student, “Little Bobby, you are important,” does that mean Little Suzy and Little Jimmy aren’t important.  No.  And it would be rather silly to think otherwise. 390 more words

Diversity in Education: Building the Foundation

This week in “The Role of Cultural Diversity in Schooling”…

This is the title of the summer course at CSUSM I’m taking focused on, you guessed it- diversity in education. 806 more words

Multicultural Education

Curriculum 21 Another Look: Global Trends & Global Learning 3/5

In her chapter “A Classroom as a Wide World” within Heidi Hayes Jacobs’ Curriculum 21, Vivien Stewart separated global demographic trends but lumped global security and citizenship together. 1,105 more words


Powerful, critical, and thoughtful conversations in education

Beth Herman-Davis, EdD
June 30, 2016

June has been a month filled with conversations about multicultural education, race, equity, culturally responsive teaching, cultural competence, and learning from diverse students. 969 more words

A Bilingual Journey of Spanish and English. Guest Post by Diana Sampedro

My name is Diana, I am a Spanish mum of a 6 year old girl, and we live in Spain. Her dad is Spanish, too. I love languages and speak English so I decided to raise my kid bilingual, even though I am not a “native” English speaker myself. 928 more words

Bilingual Experiences

EDU 6525: Culturally Responsive Teaching Metareflection

In this course I learned about leaders of multicultural education, as well as how to provide all children access to culturally responsive instruction and materials. I greatly enjoyed learning about the history of multicultural education in the text by Banks. 681 more words

Standard 3 - Improve Teaching And Learning Through The Use Of Educational Research At The Classroom And School Levels

Homeschool Summer Plan

For the record, I’m not a “traditional” homeschooler. I don’t prepare lesson plans, and I don’t homeschool alone. My version of homeschooling functions like a coop, where a group of families get together, at the same place everyday with the same children everyday and often with teachers present. 321 more words