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White Genocide In South Africa

Originally Published on IlanaMercer.com with the title “Why Hatred of Whites Is Here To Stay”

Not so long ago, mere mention of the deliberate murder of whites in South Africa—country folk and commercial farmers, in particular—was called “racist.” “Raaacist!” the media collective brayed when candidate Trump retweeted a related “white genocide” hashtag. 762 more words


Census data says you’ll make a lot more than your immigrant parents, but your kids won’t make as much as you | Toronto Star

The chart above breaks out the visible minority population by generation. While Black Canadians and Japanese Canadians have the highest percentage of third generation, the actual numbers are small for 25-54 years olds: about 24,000 and 12,000 respectively. 450 more words


Reports urge more diversity in tech sector to bridge 'digital divide'

Canada catches up to the Silicon Valley conversation on the lack of diversity in tech (to be fair, there has been discussion that led to these reports): 1,002 more words


Quebec City Muslims alarmed by increasingly public displays of racism one year after mosque shooting


Rachid Raffa is tired and bitter.

It’s been 43 years since he chose to settle in Quebec City after leaving Algeria. But as his encounters with racism become more commonplace, he’s come to feel less at home.

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Computer Program That Calculates Prison Sentences Is Even More Racist Than Humans, Study Finds

Not surprising that computer programs and their algorithms can incorporate existing biases, as appears to be the case here:

A computer program used to calculate people’s risk…

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Girl Scout Demands More Diverse Books

In INCREDIBLY EXCITING NEWS TODAY!! *insert newscast music* A girl scout from Tennessee has created an incredible online database where you can search for more diverse books! 50 more words


What the Founders *Really* Thought About Race

Originally published at AltRight.com

Today, the United States officially takes the position that all races are equal. Our country is also committed―legally and morally―to the view that race is not a fit criterion for decision-making of any kind, except for promoting “diversity” or for the purpose of redressing past wrongs done by Whites to non-Whites. 4,703 more words