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Obscure MDX Month: Optimising The Performance Of Total-To-Date Calculations In SSAS Multidimensional

Here’s a SSAS Multidimensional MDX tip that I picked up at the PASS Summit back in 2008 at Mosha’s excellent “MDX Deep Dive” precon (incidentally the slides and supporting material are still available… 325 more words

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A Change Within

Human alignment with the Creative Source creates a multidimensional change within.  Becoming multidimensional increases intellect, intuition and awareness of a GREATER TRUTH.

“The alignment between you and the creative source will create a multidimensional change in you.  101 more words


Obscure MDX Month: Current and CurrentOrdinal

When you are writing an MDX expression, everywhere you use a set you can give that set a name and then reference the name later on. 301 more words

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Obscure MDX Month: Recreating The Star Ratings Measure In MDX Using Excel Functions

I still love MDX, but I’m aware that I blog about it less and less – which is a shame, I know. Therefore I’ve decided that for the next four weeks I’m going to write about some obscure MDX topics that hopefully will make all you SSAS MD diehards out there feel less neglected… even if they don’t have much practical use. 153 more words

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The Cult of Writing 

This is something I’m working on. Content warning for sexually explicit language.

Tim sits alone in the cafe, at a small corner table, awaiting inspiration. His face is lit by the laptop’s glow. 1,292 more words


Lisa Renee (Ascension) Update - July 10, 2017


Lisa Renee (Ascension) Update – July 10, 2017

Having the Eyes to See by Lisa Renee


Dear Ascending Family,

These are extremely challenging times for the people of the earth, who are enduring the trials of planetary ascension without any context; standing in the cross fire of the war over consciousness and grabs for territory happening between tyrannical power mongering humans and Archontic nonhumans, while all the spiritual knowledge of multidimensional anatomy, consciousness as energy, spiritual lightbody, negative aliens and demonic forces, humanities true star origins and galactic history is being completely concealed from the public.

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June 15th


I am
a multidimensional,
shape-shifting spirit.

I can not conform
to one body
or identity
or emotion.

And so I circle… 27 more words