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Gates: another voice

First of all, I must comment, lest anyone think that I live under a rock, that I do know there is a disturbance in the force. 1,552 more words

Ultra-Cool Parallax For Ultra-Rich Websites

One of the most beautiful ways to add an extra layer of dimension to your website is with the parallax effect. Even if you’ve never heard of it by name, odds are you’ve crossed path with this web design trend. 932 more words


Clear Cache XMLA for SSAS Multidimensional

I often use the following XMLA code to clear database/cube/measure group cache in SSAS Multidimensional when I do performance testing between different MDX queries or versions of the same database. 92 more words

Analysis Services

Case #8: Awareness of the levels of physicality and energetic spiritual vessel in the next density.

Al credit goes to the artist. (No reference found)

Some time ago I had the strangest experience ever, that even though I am hesitant to fully call an ascension in my physical vessel, all points out to that condition as being a real physical ascension which is actually our next level of experience. 698 more words


Barely Professors Episode 6

A fun episode where we talk about hyperreality, George Michael, homophobia, nuclear fusion, and shopping malls of late capitalism.

Late Capitalism

Azure Analysis Services

Finally “True DevOps” became real for a BI Engineer / Analyst with the introduction of Azure Analysis Services. Even though there are lots of “In Cloud Analysis Services” service providers exist since recent past, nothing was able to reach the capabilities provided by the “On-Premise Microsoft Analysis Services” solution.   574 more words


The Show Hidden Cubes SSAS Connection String Property

If you need to write queries in SQL Server Management Studio against an SSAS cube that has its Visible property set to false, you have a problem because when you connect to your database you can’t see the cube or its metadata! 105 more words

Analysis Services