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The New Dynamic In Which We Live - Diagram Included!!

Now I see why spirit said it will take several days to completely (and I use the word completely, lightly) understand what we are seeing, meaning, how we now work and exist in this amazing, expanded field of Life we created for ourselves.   1,567 more words

The Shift

Matrices manipulation for fun and profit

… It’s been a while, but here we go!

This article is to give a short introduction to matrices and describe how to perform some manipulation on them in the computer programming context; for matrices and rotation in the algebraic context you can always trust… 1,612 more words



Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds (through John Armitage), continued:

We are a group of beings that are a collective consciousness. We are not the Ascended Masters, we are a group of multi-dimensional and beings from multiple worlds, humanoids, reptilians and insectoids.

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Personal Transformation


Spokesperson from The Confederation of Free Worlds, continued:

Would you understand that Mother Earth is a multi-dimensional being like you are? She has a body in every dimensional reality, just as you do, and it is the same for her and her children.

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Personal Transformation

Helpful Words and Parallel Lives

The past few nights I’ve awoken to my heart racing yet no thoughts. During the day, I’ve also felt large waves of energy to the point I’ve had to sit down (like a pregnant lady) and honor them. 426 more words

Spiritual Writing


In the bible there is an interesting story of a man who displayed what I call an abnormal faith. Book of Mark 10:46-52, Battemeus was born blind, his story was a pathetic one because he had nobody to bring him out of the situation he was. 265 more words


The Traveller

We woke up not knowing…. so we decided to follow rivers
We lasted until the new season came calling

Seven sisters allowed the conduit to awaken… 92 more words

J.R. Schaefer