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My Deceased Friend

Continuing from The Tipping Point

I was laying on my bed, the sun had just set in the distance. My lamp was lighting the pages of a book on spirituality I was reading. 416 more words

Daily Post

Shallow End


None of us are who we seem to be.

We walk around in the shallow end of


Waiting for the tide to come in, 50 more words

SSAS 2016 Locking Improvements

I first became aware of the server-wide lock taken out by SSAS when processing finishes – and the issues that this can cause – from this… 549 more words

Analysis Services

Inteludes # 13 DreamSymbology 2

(c) Terry Floyd Johnson, 2017  ( Zoua; the OutRyder )

How do Dreams become multidimensional realities, therefore no longer 2 dimensional, to multidimensional.

They’re two dimensional dreams, but within those dreams, the symbols can look multidimensional, so like dreams we do at night, they have a multidimension all their own. 241 more words


Entering the Dance of Blessing

One of the most powerful downloads I received in past years was a transmission of instructions as facilitator of my local gathering to mark the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.  1,845 more words

Hush let them sleep

Hush let them sleep… find me on Instagram

Celebrating diversity includes celebrating the unawakened, the asleep and the people-sheep. Too often we complain about the still-asleep. 341 more words


Mind Spilling on Instagram

My love of imagery and instantanous idea-catching led me to create yet another mind-spillage platform for Disappearing Me. This time in the form of an… 119 more words