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Message From Ascended Master El Morya

Many of our earth masters are feeling the pull of New Earth for you are, indeed, moving into a frequency of reality that is not adhesive to such low frequency patterns as the third dimension. 960 more words



What do we mean by “multidimensional’? We in the Western world are used to thinking in only 3 dimensions. When we talk about our bodies, we are usually referring to the 3D seemingly solid body that we walk around in, that bumps into tables occasionally, and that sometimes gets sick and doesn’t function so well.

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Personal Transformation

The Return - By The Creators of Our Reality

Dear Readers,
This message was written on the last night of a three-week vacation, which ended on July 28, 2015.  Because we are coming into so many changes, it feels like I need to put a date on this. 550 more words


O Caso da Tormenta - Fim

Dia 0
Dia 1
Dia 2
Tarde Final


“Então você é tipo um policial dos super-herois?” uma tia perguntou quando entrei pro departamento de… 2,422 more words


Everything that is made beautiful and fair and lovely is made for the eye of one who sees. ~Rumi

“Multidimensional Directions”

How many directions can I travel in at any one time? In this new series of work I am pondering, I am playing with multiple background designs in every pattern. 47 more words


Filters a.k.a. the Programming of Human Intellect

From the moment of birth the three dimensional intellect receives input from all available sources.  Much like a computer program receiving periodic updates our programming is added onto and revised moment by moment being adjusted with every new experience and reinforced with repeated experiences. 428 more words