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The History of Multimedia Art

Multimedia art is a sophisticated art form that combines two or more of the following creative formats: drawing, painting, sculpture, audio, literature, digital, or performance. It has become immensely popular in recent years, as evidenced by the growing amount of multimedia installations being displayed in galleries and museums across the country. 285 more words


The beginning of Farren Adelle.

Farren Adelle is more than just an art studio.  She is a protagonist.  Her story has existed in thought for over a decade and was jotted down on paper and computer files in sporadic blips over time.  45 more words

115 Days Of Drawing

Brain Trees

The Brain Trees represent the beauty, complexity and activity of the creative mind. They are a metaphor of growth through the unfurling of nature’s evolution of the brain and it’s manifestations. 196 more words

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Immersive Art by Kyung-jin Kim

Multimedia art is still perceived as an innovative discipline. To create a multimedia art piece means using various artistic tools, insights, media such as sound, film, sometimes music and performance. 659 more words


Vincent Cheap Painting.

Here is a Vincent Cheap classic. Multimedia on wood. 4′ x 4′. 

Denver Art

Feature of Faces

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PSA| Multi-media Collection

PSA a multimedia collection

by Therese P.

Awhile ago I went out and bought a new notebook. If you know anything about me, you know there are two things I always seem to “need”: water bottles and notebooks. 183 more words

Mental Illness