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Unto the Breach

I was in conversation recently with some other writers about what can be learned from working across artistic disciplines. Then I came across this from Philip Glass’s fascinating new autobiography… 159 more words

'War' - New Multi-media Project

After a year making art for conservation, a new body of work on the subject of war is in progress!

This multi-media project inspired by found images, objects and films will explore the impact of ‘war’ on humans and animals in a series of pieces examining the emotional and physical implications of war, eternally memorializing the subjects featured. 57 more words


With Threads I am Bound To The Universe

Blink. Walk. Threads. Lose. Loose.

Shrivel. Shiver.

Exploding Core.

Fibres of Their Soul.

Primordial Geology.

Gone. And hunted.

In Throughout The Outside of the Inner Cave. 119 more words


Glocal Performance: "World Image and Performativeness of Glocal Consciousness"

Thanks to the support of the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the European House, Tourist Board and the Department for EU integration, we continue for the third year with our performative project “World Image and Performativeness of Glocal Consciousness”. 602 more words


Hearing Disconnections

Academic and multimedia artist, Dr Trish Adams wanted to share her own experience of hearing loss in art. Disconnections are two works incorporating video and audio elements. 378 more words

Art Galleries & Exhibitions

Books for Kids: enormous SMALLNESS

There’s a school of thought that views picture books simply as a genre designed for the very young — those who can read pictures even though they cannot yet read words. 1,234 more words


Art Show: A Murmuration ** 2-24 May 2015 ** ONCA, Brighton

Murmuration (noun):

1. the act of murmuring, the utterance of a low continuous voicing of dissent

2. a flock

What can we learn from a murmuration of birds? 134 more words