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LCD displays

There are two types of LCD displays: active and passive displays.

DSTN stands for Double-layer Super-Twisted Nematic. It is a passive matrix LCD.

While they are cheaper and require less power, they also have a bigger reaction time (time that the monitor takes from active to inactive, and again to active), show images with less contrast, and the visualization of images is better when you are directly in front of the screen. 93 more words


Mediacybernetics tools - emergence

W. James Potter, 2012

Spencer A Rathus, 2004

Wikipedia, 2015

If people did not share meaning, communication would not be possible. That’s why the most important is to consider how the humans process meaning from media messages. 423 more words

New Economy

8 financial tips for college graduates

College graduates are now entering the next phase of their life: financial independence.

Classes, homework and tests have been replaced by jobs, paychecks and taxes — and these can be very overwhelming. 94 more words


Leha leha dolo donk.. – at PT PLN (Persero) Kantor Pusat

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Here is a video about how CRT screens work if you find it boring, the third video also explains how CRT works, but I think this one explains better. 59 more words


Too cool for skool

I have had a sum total of -10 minutes per day for myself lately. No time to catch up on anything. I’ve spread myself a bit thin and ended up getting nothing much done. 53 more words