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It's not too early to form an I-Team

Even at a small campus paper, you can do a big investigation if you plan ahead. See if you can get four to five people interested in taking on a big project. 188 more words

WATCH: DePaul students protest Charles Murray event

Charles Murray watched from the windows of Coutelyou Commons, as a crowd emerged protesting his speech at DePaul University. Murray called the scene of nearly 100 students stirring in the November rain a devotion to opinions. 466 more words


Comprehensible Input: Selecting/ Apperception (2)

Reseach has found, for example, that video is able to support the processing of linguistic information and facilitate language comprehension (Neuman & Koskinen, 1992; Sharp, Bransford, Goldman, & Risko, 1995) as well as vocabulary acquisition (Duquette & Painchaud, 1996).

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Comprehensible Input: Selecting/ Apperception

Before multimedia information can be processed, words and pictures need to be selected from what is presented, that is, learners need to direct their attention to a specific portion of the wealth of the linguistic and nonlinguistic information they receive that they deem relevant.

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An Example of Second-Language Acquisition with Multimedia

Alternatively, presented in a multimedia environment, students are first introduced to a prereading advance organizer, for example a video, that helps them activate their prior knowledge of the material to come, allows them to reflect upon the topic at hand, and enables them to better process the input once they begin to read.

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