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GARLIC PARMESAN PASTA: Multimodal Analysis of Tasty.co

In the age of millennials, methods of receiving and transmitting information have become increasingly digitalized. BuzzFeed is an example of a medium which uses multimodal elements to influence people, making it one of the most significant news organizations in America today. 1,725 more words


Makna Foto Gaya Selfie Menurut Teori Visual Grammar: An Implementation of Multimodality

Assalamu’alaikum, my lovely readers! How was your day? May it always become a well-spent day, fulfilled by kindness and hearty smile.

Seperti yang kita ketahui bersama, kita sedang berada di era dimana… 1,395 more words

Negotiating multimodal tasks with young EFL learners

Shona Whyte
Euline Cutrim Schmid

AILA World Congress, 27 July 2017, Rio de Janeira, Brazil


Workshop 14

  • B: Language teaching and learning
  • 9: Educational technology and language learning…
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