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Finding Images

For Project 2, as part of my English 307 class, we were required to write research reports over German Business Culture. As part of the project, we were asked to find images on the internet to include within our report. 111 more words


Choosing Professional Photos

In Project 1 for my English 307 class at the University of Arizona, we were required to compile a portfolio that could be used for future job and school applications. 168 more words


Research in a Different View: Multimodal Transformation

When completing my ten page research assignment, I will admit that I had very few ideas for transforming it into another form of communication. When dealing with micro-transactions, it was difficult to figure out something that could represent them as a three-dimensional object because in reality they are digital purchases. 1,033 more words


Multimodal Transformation

The audience I am presenting to are peers who are in Writing 121 or anyone who chooses to go to the CSW. My multimodal transformation appeals to this audience because the theme is all about how pets can help someone’s mental health. 1,921 more words

Canva as a tech topic

This past week, my group for literacy decided to create a poster for our global literacy project in our class 302. We were told to be creative, to use different materials and have a new learning to create the look we want to have to present to our classroom when we present about our literacy. 265 more words

Tech Topics

Remediating Text

Transform your ten-page research paper into a one paragraph blog post of the most important points. What do you think is most important to get across to your audience at the Celebration of Student Writing (CSW)?

Bike Date Weekend in Ojai

This Presidents’ Day weekend, I knocked another item off my bike-it list: El Cochinito and I took our bikes on the train to Ventura, and then rode the Ojai Valley Trail to Ojai. 2,241 more words