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Multimodal Project Progress: Rough Cut

Hey there! Click here to check out my rough cut for my multimodal project!

Multimodal Project Progress: Update #2

For this week’s second update, I have created a rough storyboard for my video on why diversity in young adult literature is necessary. Check it out below! 56 more words

Multimodal Project Progress: Update #1

The process for completing my final multimodal project begins! So far, I have mostly done research on what sources I want to use in my project. 316 more words

Intro to Info

An infographic, simply, is another way to present information visually. They tend to be easy to follow and informative, filled with colour, designs, and images. Often, visualizations of data are presented, rather than just in numbers and words. 370 more words


Diversity in YA Lit...We Don't Want It, We Need It

Young adult literature has clearly been the theme of my blog since its creation, and I don’t plan on changing that theme when it comes to my final multimodal project. 597 more words

Working with images

Find my Thinglink here.

As part of our exploration into research methods this week, I decided to ‘Collect and analyse images’.

What is depicted in the image(s)? 781 more words


MnDOT Explores the Use of a Unified Permitting Process for Oversize/Overweight Loads

Researchers produced a proof-of-concept for developing a one-stop permitting process that would allow commercial haulers to plan a travel route and secure all required permits from a single source. 846 more words