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Lexicon: Visual Literacy

In Diana George’s Paper about visual literacy, “From Analysis to Design” many terms are brought to bear to make her point, including the term “Visual Literacy” itself. 440 more words

Teaching Research Without the Research Paper

Rebecca Moore Howard and Sandra Jamieson describe the research paper as an unsustainable genre for teaching about research.  In their chapter on Researched Writing in  853 more words


Interesting Multimodal Text: Freakonomics.com

I chose the multimodal text, Freakonomics.com, which was created after the success of the book with the same name. This website aims to explain many modern economic issues and explain the “hidden side of everything.” The authors of the website, as well as the book, are Steven D. 276 more words


Accessibility and Multimodal Analysis of Freakonomics.com

I chose to analyze Freakonomics.com. The authors of the website are Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner. Dually, Freakonomics is also the name of the book by the pair, as well as a documentary that used to be shown on Netflix. 445 more words


Multimodal literacies (ELN402 Module 4b)

READING: Chapter 7 textbook: “Multimodal literacies” (Cloonan, 2012).

Multimodal literacies
“Students need to develop multimodal literacies, including reading (to self and others), listening and talking, writing, presenting, viewing, recording, locating, analysing, interacting with, responding to, designing, acting and creating a wide range of print, digital and other texts. 166 more words

Communicating With ICT

My fellow travelers

My days Traveling at the Speed of Bike often include a train*. Here is a photo from yesterday of my fellow travelers on the journey of life. 29 more words

New chapter: Keevallik - Multimodal 'noun phrases'

Keevallik has an upcoming chapter in: The ‘Noun Phrase’ in Everyday Interaction across Languages, T. Ono & S. Thompson (Eds.). Typological Studies in Language. John Benjamins. 150 more words

Interactional Linguistics