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The Tragedy of Business

Two shops, both alike in marketing, placed one across the street from the other. Long-standing grudge made once-civil tongues unclean.

From forth the fatal margins of these competitors, a host of star-struck consumers take their cards; whose pitiless multinational challenger does with their deaths bury their community’s life. 50 more words

Short Story

12 The high paychecks

The bald man, head of HR of a multi-multi-national company, had to do his job: handling the difficult task of firing employees. Tough times, tough jobs, great great paycheck… and he was The Master. 204 more words


Multinational vs. Start-Up. Which is Better?

After months of being unhappy at the office, you have decided that you want to leave your current job, so the job search starts over: You sit in front of your computer and open your favourite job board ( 756 more words


Real Leaders Embrace Duality: The New 21st Century Leadership Competency

Our world is not black and white when it comes to the wide array of interconnected issues and challenges facing those in leadership roles. Whether you’re a politician leading a developing country, the head of a multinational company or the owner of a small business, every day you’re facing new problems. 774 more words


Where are you from?

I love a good TED talk as much as the next person. One in particular struck a chord with me recently about something I think a lot but haven’t heard anyone else vocalise before. 983 more words

Evolution Of Man

[Billionaire] "Icahn: I want to see something done in Congress" [LIKE MARKET RIGGING]

“Central to Icahn’s idea is allowing multinational companies to bring funds back from overseas without the threat of “double taxation” — commonly called repatriation.

He cites the more than $2 trillion… 161 more words


The Trans-Pacific Partnership Negotiations Are Finished: Here’s What You Need to Know

Last-minute negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal in Atlanta this past week finally ended on Monday when trade ministers emerged with a deal. It’s a testament to the secrecy and apathy that has surrounded the entire TPP process that most people didn’t even know these negotiations were taking place, let alone that a deal was near. 899 more words

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