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600 Multinational Companies Factor Paris into Business Plans

Data released by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) on Monday shows that over 600 major international corporations with a combined market cap of US$12 trillion are already starting to factor the Paris Climate Change Agreement in their business plans before the major environmental legislation has become law. 256 more words

Climate Change

The Era of the Multinational


The world is about to see the greater presence of multinationals, particularly from emerging-economies like China. While resistance to immigrants and foreign companies today is rising in many countries, the overall volume of cross-border flows of products, services, money, and digital information is increasing, and we’re entering a phase where foreign multinationals are going to have more influence on the economic health of every country. 2,136 more words

HMRC announces new structure as critics call for public tax returns

A reorganization of HM Revenue & Customs suggests that the department is thinking “more broadly in taxpayer terms,” a leading tax expert said, as a review commissioned by the Labour Party noted “considerable public dissatisfaction” with the quality of service at HMRC and called for the publication of large companies’ tax returns. 165 more words

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UK paves the way for public country-by-country reporting but stresses multilateral approach

Tax transparency campaigners have welcomed the UK government’s decision to accept a Finance Bill amendment that will enable HM Treasury to make regulations requiring large multinationals to publish country-by-country reports of their profits and taxes. 79 more words

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My trip to Morocco begins with, ahem, Spryte. I’ve obviously changed a letter but it will get us used to the interchangeable y/i in Arabic. Of course in fact it is actually known the same here as everywhere else. 567 more words

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De Apple-zaak lijkt een eenvoudig verhaal van good guys… 977 more words


Gewone burger accepteert deals met multinationals als Apple niet meer @fd #nieuwbewustzijnbelastingbetalingmultinationals @eu

‘De man op straat accepteert deals met multinationals als Apple niet langer’ (Saskia Jonker en Joris Kooiman, Weekend/fd, 3 september)

Interview Belastingklimaat

Onderzoeker Nicholas Shaxson voorziet een oorlog tussen multinationals en belastingbetalers… 6 more words