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What a capital affair!

Let’s talk about tax (havens).

After eight days on a yoga course the role of balance in postures and in life was a recurring theme. And upon finishing the course this was brought home to me quite starkly. 961 more words


ASEAN multinationals

* This is my article in BusinessWorld last November 23, 2016.

Until the 1980s, when people talk about multinational enterprises (MNEs) — also known as multinational companies (MNCs) or transnational corporations (TNCs) — they refer mostly to multinationals from the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. 555 more words

Local Fashion vs. Fast Fashion

EDUARDO RIBEIRO.– Indeed, the increase and takeover of the multinational groups as Inditex or Cortefiel, among others, has been one of the main reasons for the unsuccess of some brands or slow fashion designers. 576 more words


Redefining Competitive Advantage

Each week, new waves of populist rhetoric pushing against globalization spew from each corner of the globe. Voters, angry with the inequitable distribution of wealth and prosperity wrought by globalized trade, rail against international trade agreements and large corporate interests in the Western world. 557 more words

International Politics

‘The EU is IMPOSSIBLE!’ Canada walks out of trade talks after SEVEN years : Express.

THE EU has failed in its bid to secure a trade deal with Canada after a regional Belgian parliament overruled the entire 28-country bloc. 378 more words


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The truth be told, I believe that the view of the Federation of Wallonia-Brussels to be correct. These trade deals CETA and TTIP would give too much power to the multinationals, who would be governing all the EU and not the EU, but also the sovereign governments of each country.

Working on my playstation tan

Let’s talk about tax (and multinationals).

In her time your correspondent has been mistaken for a number of things. This has included being a


UK lawmakers question OECD as forum, urge tax transparency push

A continuing lack of transparency in the UK’s overseas territories and crown dependencies will significantly hinder efforts to curb global corruption, and more must be done to ensure that developing countries’ voices are heard on international tax reform, according to a cross-party committee of members of Parliament. 96 more words

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