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Terrible TPP Clauses Explained in Plain English

Without mass education on this subject, it is unlikely that such massive protests can derail this TPP deal. Given the amount of time, money and energy the multinationals have sunk into the negotiation of this agreement, it’s not going down without a fight. 2,088 more words

The International Reporter

Multinationals in Africa are growing revenues but losing market share to local rivals

Whether its Starbucks opening its first coffee store in sub-Saharan Africa next year, or fast-fashion retailer, H&M, opening its first African store in Cape Town… 439 more words

GMOs: Things I didn't know

Upwards of 90% of people think GMOs (genetically modified foods) should be labeled. Big Ag (including our own Cargill and General Mills) is strongly pushing back, insisting GMOs are safe, and have been found to be safe by the FDA and pretty much everyone who counts. 511 more words


Bijna een maand geleden werd uit onverdachte hoek een verrassende uitspraak gedaan door Antony Burgmans, oud-topman van Unilever #fd #appelopgezondverstand #multinationals #globalisering #eu #denhaag

‘Luisteren is niet mijn sterkste punt’ (Monique van de Sande, fd persoonlijk/fd, 26 september 2015)

Antony Burgmans (68) werkte 35 jaar bij Unilever, waarvan acht jaar als ceo. 146 more words


Top five most profitable multinational companies in the UK

Here at Politics Bulletin we have compiled a top five list of the most profitable companies in the UK as of 2015.

5. British American Tobacco… 611 more words

Iain Fenton

Tax Me

Mike Bird of the Business Insider published an article on the 19 countries with the highest tax rates. One of the indicators of “global competitiveness” is the tax burden whereby the higher the total tax rate one finds a less competitive economy. 453 more words



This essay was written as a part of my university degree with an aim to provide a critical discussion revolving around the social effects of globalisation in order to comment on… 2,245 more words