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The End of Globalisation? How Global Companies Can Reverse That Trend

One of the most interesting articles I’ve read recently was a well thought out piece in The Economist on the retreat of the global company, which explores the idea that multinationals are decreasing in importance, with falling profits and ROEs causing sales to grow at a slower rate than domestic companies. 501 more words


Think before you Spend

This week, I want to address a topic that was brought home to me recently. The choice of where we spend our money – in the local economy or in multinationals, matters greatly, to us all. 1,097 more words


Apple turnover

Let’s talk about tax.

Or more particularly let’s talk about Apple and their taxes.

Your correspondent is currently in Sydney – family stuff nothing glamorous or exciting – and had started to put together a post on Donald Trump and his 2005 tax return. 1,024 more words

Cross Border Taxation



Globalisation is the integration of the world’s economies into a single market. Government’s influence globalisation greatly as they are able to regulate trade and the movement of labor and capital between their borders. 283 more words


Roses by any other names

Let’s talk about tax.

Or more particularly let’s talk about the release of the recent government discussion documents on taxing the nasty multinationals.

You correspondent had spent the week before last on stage two of her yoga teacher training. 1,377 more words

Cross Border Taxation

قضية الروهينجا إما ستصنع أو ستكسر صورة يونيليفر         ROHINGYA ISSUE CAN MAKE OR BREAK UNILEVER’S IMAG

سألني العديد من الناس عما يمكنهم القيام به لدعم #الروهينجا، واقترحوا ما يمكنهم القيام به من أماكنهم للضغط على #يونيليفر.

جزاكم الله خيرا على اهتمامكم والالتزام بهذه القضية.


Low Prices... always screw the little guy...

Via Regeneraction (27 February 2017)… my translation:

Currently, indigenous communities in the northern highlands of Puebla are struggling to prevent Walmart from installing a store in their territory. 528 more words

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