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Congo, My Precious. The Curse of the coltan mines in Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa is one of the world’s most resource-rich countries. A wide range of rare minerals can be found here in abundance, all commanding high prices in world commodity markets. 272 more words
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Oil-rich South Sudan faces fuel shortage as 'people suffer'

South Sudan faces fuel shortage . (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez, File)
It is a cruel irony in the world’s youngest nation. Ninety-eight percent of South Sudan’s economy comes from oil, but the country faces one of its worst fuel crises since civil war broke out in 2013. 95 more words
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How the left must respond to this age of anger

The only way for us to heal society’s fractures is to renew our commitment to human rights, and reimagine the role of the state

02 October 2017 | Lisa Nandy | The Guardian… 849 more words


Getting companies to peck the right button                       كيف نجعل الشركات تنقر الزر الصحيح؟

لقراءة المقال مترجم إلى العربية انتقل إلى الأسفل

Activist campaigns that target corporations conventionally focus on trying to change the operational practices of those companies which in many cases will, by extension, impact the broader society.  276 more words


Does Nestlé care? Consumers want to know     هل نستلة فعلا تهتم؟ المستهلك يريد أن يعرف

لقراءة المقال مترجم إلى العربية انتقل إلى الأسفل

Nestle says, “The impact that we have locally has the potential to be felt internationally; the ideas that you bring to life today could shape our future”.  469 more words


German Supreme Court Upholds Biologist’s Claim that Measles Virus Does Not Exist

Dr. Stefan Lanka. Image source.

By Paul Fassa

Could There Be Something Wrong with the Germ Theory?

Our modern medicine’s paradigm is based mostly on the germ theory of microbes invading our bodies and causing disease, thus creating the need for a war against microbes to eliminate them all and conquer all diseases. 1,340 more words
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Africa: Stage Set for African Countries to Renegotiate for Fair Mining Deals

Photo: Google, Map of Africa

By Socrates Mbamalu

The paradox of plenty is a reality for many African countries. There’s an abundance of natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals, but there hasn’t been much economic growth and development for many countries. 1,023 more words
Human Rights Violations