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Star Wars Saturday: Video Games

Star Wars has created a great many secondary properties, like TV shows, books, and video games. Well, today I want to talk about the video games, because to me, that’s some of the best stuff that has come out of the franchise as a whole. 1,008 more words


Blogging A to Z Day 25: Video Games

If I’d discovered a way to get paid for playing video games when I was in my late teens, I would be one of the wealthiest people you would ever meet right now. 642 more words


Sony Sued For False Advertising, California Man Claims Killzone: Shadow Fall Isn't 1080p

What do you get when you sell a game using false advertising to a hardcore gamer? A class action lawsuit shoved up your face! The Japanese electronics giant has been sued… 312 more words


The Daily Clip: Satchel Charges Are Awesome!

Welcome one and all to today’s edition of The Daily Clip!¬†Playing some of the new Titanfall¬†DLC and loving it. Get this little beauty of a clip on the map Runoff. 154 more words

Xbox One


This FPS blew my mind. I have always regarded multiplayer FPS games as less than ideal for my time and as a means of entertainment. With such esteemed series as Call of Duty and Battlefield, to name a few, it may be hard for many to see why. 94 more words

A Full Eight Titan Seconds

Riding around on a Titan like a true futuristic cowboy when this guy tries to wreck my fun. NO SON….not today.¬† 17 more words


I Die A Lot 2-12-2014

Looking for clips of awesome gameplay? Keep looking.

Let’s face it, some of us aren’t very good at video games – especially online multiplayer competition. Once we learn to accept our mediocrity we can embrace and celebrate it. 65 more words