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The Milestones That Matter Most


Every society values its own skill sets for its own reasons. The problem in America is that, while we excel at raising spectacularly verbal kids, we have lost 1) ________________ of other values that we need to foster in our children. 1,287 more words


Spain Hit by Plague of Blood-Sucking Black Flies


A plague of black flies has prompted authorities in
north-eastern Spain to 1) ____________ warnings on TV and fliers
advising people to cover up and avoid riverside areas in the early morning and… 390 more words


3/29/2019 Everyday Psychometrics: MC & CR

Many educational tests use both multiple‐choice (MC) and constructed‐response (CR) sections to measure different constructs.

Yi-Hsuan Lee, Shelby J. Haberman, & Neil J. Dorans, 2019…

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Everyday Psychometrics

Lots of Options, No Easy Answers

Before I get into singing the praises of Alejandro Zambra’s Multiple Choice, let me offer a burst of indignation about what held me back from my immediate dive into the novel. 959 more words


How to Properly Game the SAT (and other multiple choice tests)

This is primarily a writing blog, detailing my ambitions and experiences composing novels, but in my day job, I’m a private tutor teaching math. This includes over 15 years’ experience coaching students on the SAT. 1,905 more words