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Multiple Choice Test on Education

The state of education
is a shambles–
teachers don’t teach;
learners don’t learn.
So how do we make
education great again?

a. bring back God. 144 more words


Finishing Wagner Off

Stephen Fry just climaxed
on my TV screen
the way his mouth fell open
(a) a rather troubling scene
(b) to leave the larder clean
(c) just right for Lohengrin

What Matters

Gray Matter:

a) To know what we are doing here.
b) To know what it takes to hear your hoarse cry of what’s mine.
c) To know the touch of your goosebumped flesh so prime. 195 more words


Multiple Choice Quiz Makeovers -ELH Challenge 159

This week’s challenge is to share an example showing how we use multiple choice quizzes in e-learning.


Because they are easy to create for me and easy to use for learners, I use multiple choice quizzes very often. 219 more words

ELH Challenges

How School Made Me Feel Stupid!

Ever since I have left elementary school, I have hated school. Everything I did felt like a order by someone to do something, it was too authoritarian for my taste. 289 more words

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It always perturbs me, when I go to Orange County airport and park in the outside parking structure, having to push the crosswalk button. You’d think that such minor annoyances would be of equally minor import and by and large they are. 1,004 more words