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How to: ace multiple choice exams

Multiple choice exams are the bane of my existence. I can write, even succinctly, on a million topics if I really try but something about having very black and white answers when the law isn’t black and white, is really difficult for me. 492 more words

How To

Exams, Exams Everywhere!

It appears I haven’t done another blog post over the weekend, it’s Tuesday so it seems I’m getting worse. My excuse is that I’ve been so swamped down in uni work – but excuses aren’t acceptable and I apologise. 1,116 more words


socrative - composing Qs

For those of you getting to grips with Socrative in the classroom as a result of the inset day, here is a guide to composing effective multiple choice questions. 63 more words


Multiple Choice

What is Dada?

What is Dada?
The safe option.

What is Dada?
Tate & Lyle.

What is Dada?
What is Dada?


Quiz: What Kind Of Artist Are You?

Let’s face it, art can be a confusing thing. And, if you’re new to making art – then it can be difficult to tell which kind of art you should make. 898 more words


Post 7: PET Listening Section

Dear All–

Here is the list of tasks you will have to complete in the Listening Section of the Test. There are 4 parts in it, the content of which is briefly explained below: 369 more words

Multiple Choice Item Construction

This was an activity done in class to test our knowledge on constructing a multiple choice item given a time limit. I remember scratching out several test item question before I decided to go with the one I submitted. 22 more words

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