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Fighting My Internalization of the Hierarchy of Disability

I have had my autism diagnosis for a decade now and yet I often still hesitate to publicly identify myself with the label. For quite a while my Twitter profile only listed me as having cerebral palsy. 1,393 more words

Cerebral Palsy

On Not Liking Students

Teachers expect to have some fondness for the students they teach. They enter the field motivated to help students make progress. Their desire to foster success leads them to focus on their students’ most positive attributes. 948 more words

It's her, but it's also us.

I’m amazed by my girl Diva every day. I post a lot about her progress in various places around the web, and people inevitably write about how they don’t think that XYZ could do that. 693 more words


Book-making elves

We’ve found that homemade books are one of the best ways to draw Diva into books these days. The books that are visually appropriate are often not textually engaging for her. 756 more words

Multiple Disabilities

Different shades of Special Needs

“There is no one student who is similar to the other. And no one student behaves the same everyday,” so she said to me.

I cannot agree more! 977 more words

#lidchat November 20, 2014

Talking teaching students with Low-incidence disabilities and avoiding feeling isolated by connecting on social media, check out the Storify:

//storify.com/BradyloBeth/lidchat-november-20-2014/embed[View the story “#lidchat November 20, 2014” on Storify]

Five Things People Usually Won't Understand About Life with Multiple Disabilities

Julie of Counting My Spoons just posted a list of six things healthy people just won’t understand about life with chronic illness or pain. I didn’t know the first one – that migraine sufferers just can’t take their medication at the first hint of a migraine -, because I don’t have migraines, but I could relate to the others. 667 more words