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Artist Research 4

My fourth final artist for this project is Duane Michals who was born 15th February 1932 in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. An american photographer who creates dreamlike and whimsical images showing literary and philosophical ideas about feather, gender and sexuality. 369 more words

Artist Research 3

My third final artist is Man Ray born as Emmanual Radnitzky, 20th August 1890 in Philadelphia. Is a painter, object artist, film maker and photographer, known mostly for his photography work, which spanned both the DADA and surrealism movements, most influenced by the work of Marcel Duchamp. 445 more words

Artist Research 2

My second final artist which i am going to use for my research is Florian Imgrund who is a German photographer who works mainly in black & white on an analog camera working to create interesting atmospheres using multiple exposures. 375 more words

Project So Far.

Within my brief i was asked to include five artist research, possibly changing them from the ones i had in my first hand in. My idea hasn’t really changed much but my outcome has. 334 more words

Inspiration - Jon Duenas

I am loving this person’s work at the moment. Have never tried doing multiple exposures before, ┬ábut think I might try it out soon.

You should all check out more of his work through his website.




Walking between different locations to get new website photos for TM Consultants, I looked up at 50 Victoria Street. I intended to go into the building to take internal shots as I already had a few exteriors pictures. 110 more words