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First programming language - multiple languages anyone?

So most courses which teach introductory programming teach one language. Or at least they do now. Many years ago, before the 1980s, courses on introductory programming did not necessarily focus on any one particular language. 204 more words


A few myths about speakers of multiple languages

‘Multilingualism, not monolingualism, is the norm.’ © Photo by Marc Wathieu on Flickr under Creative Commons licence.

Is monolingualism the norm? Do bilinguals have two separate language systems? 965 more words

Polyglottic Aspirations

Polyglot aspirations by the year 2020*.  Seems reasonable, I mean if I really try, in five years I should be able to speak more than just English right? 232 more words

Pop Culture

The Benefits of Multilingualism

I know two languages, English and Spanish. I learned these languages because I was born here and my parents are from Mexico. I am also currently learning French at a grade eleven level at school; These were opportunities given to me that I am thankful for. 223 more words

Multiple Languages

The Many Faces of Bilingual - part 6

Did you know that there is more than one type of bilingual? 

Or, that “balanced bilinguals” (individuals equally competent in two languages) are rare?

Or, that… 1,038 more words


My Progress in Duolingo (February 7 2015)

A month of Duolingoing has already gone by, whew. I focused mostly on German while learning the basics of Irish and Swedish.

I can’t wait for Turkish to be released! 1,051 more words


''Let It Go'' in 25 Languages

This is not only cool to watch and hear how all the different languages sound, it’s also amazing to hear how similar a lot of these women’s voices are. 54 more words

Multiple Languages