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Together Apart.

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For over 30 years our house has been the home of Thanksgiving. When we were college students our apartment was the place students who couldn’t make it home for the holidays would convene. 501 more words

Cutting Edge

“Cutting edge”, it sounds so hip, so cool, so in the know. And on the cutting edge is where I now find myself.

My current treatment of Krypolis (carfilzomib), Cytoxan (cyclophosphamide), and dexamethasone has stalled, a small uptick, an inch downward, but staying right about where it has been. 604 more words

The Aftermath - Feeling Bipolar

So I’ve been out of hospital for two months now (tomorrow!) and all in all, I can’t complain about how things have gone. I am doing so well in terms of general fitness and whilst I’m definitely not doing as much as ‘pre-transplant’, I am doing much more than I’d expected at this stage. 576 more words


Moving forwards

So it’s been a really good couple of weeks! I’ve been able to get out on longer dog walks (up to an hour!), am cooking most meals, ironing and generally able, mentally, to do most of the things I was doing pre-transplant. 486 more words


Catch Me Singing- Thanks Nick and SHCC Worship Band

Recently, Nick led a song by Sean Curran and no offense to Mr. Curran, but Nick is way…… better. The lyrics are powerful and I guess I needed them. 590 more words

Multiple Myeloma


I fell in my bathroom a couple of months ago and I was shocked. Albeit the floor was wet, the rugs were in the wash, it was simply the perfect scenario for a disaster. 680 more words

What Next?

In September, smoke from wildfires shut down activities in much of Oregon. An eerie mustard colored sky shrouded the community of Hood River. The burnt smell of the air created a vacancy reminiscent to March/April’s sheltering in place. 477 more words