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Hi. Consider yourself warned that this blog is often about many different topics and posts are occassionally of the rambling nature. I am utterly sarcastic in nature and never post anything to offend so if you find yourself offended, you have indeed read my dialogue in the wrong context. 245 more words

Colorectal Cancer

Cancer Chat Canada

I recently joined a professionally-led online support group for people affected by cancer called ‘Fear of Cancer Recurrence’ offered by the de Souza Institute. Fear of a cancer recurrence is real, and it is a common reaction for people that have been diagnosed with and completed their cancer treatment (I have had 5 courses of CyBorD induction therapy, and stem cell transplant, and am currently on maintenance REVLIMID). 181 more words

Multiple Myeloma

Myeloma Update

The girls went to Johns Hopkins with me this time, and somehow I remembered these things much more painful during the process, but it is actually √°fter’ a bone marrow biopsy to your hip that you ‘really’ feel what they did back there. 371 more words

Cancer Survivor

DVD - day 4 but feels like a lifetime!

So another day on and I have to say this hasn’t been the relatively easy experience I had back in 2010. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older, whether it’s because my body is weaker second time round, whether it’s the different drugs or something totally different but I am NOT liking this drug regime so far. 322 more words


Dex f**king Dex

I would apologise for my language but genuinely I now understand what I didn’t last time I had treatment. People used to talk about the Dex effect and it turning people into a Jekyll and Hyde character – I never suffered and never really got it. 366 more words


...Go - DVD therapy begins! Week one

So after months of talking about this I’m off. I started my chemotherapy yesterday and am on Darathumabib, Velcade and Dexamethasone as my main treatment with a bit of zometa and a nice little selection pack of other drugs from the sweetie shop! 419 more words



So Monday is D-Day as we had expected.

Today was the day that I finally got the details of how my treatment was going to look moving on. 597 more words