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Even though there are better odds of making the playoffs if you’re an NFL team (NFL odds 6/32 = 18.77%) rather than an MLB team (MLB odds 5/30 = 16.67%) there is still less parity. 291 more words

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Sports Couples That Should Be Made

Well, this is something that I first started thinking about yeeeeears ago. I reckon it all started back in Sydney 2000, when Maurice Greene and Marion Jones were kings of the sprint, and I thought to myself – “hey, they’re both American, handsome, competing in the same events (and owning them), and very similar in age (Greene was born in 74, Jones in 75) – why don’t they hook up and have awesome children with the perfect gene pool to become the next greatest sprinters?”. 2,529 more words


Want sports excitement? Try Game 7 overtime in the NHL!

Of the four major professional sports in the U.S. (MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL), the NHL probably ranks last on the sports fan interest list. But if you are not a hockey fan, and specifically, an NHL fan, you are missing out on one of the most exciting aspects of sports: the Game 7 overtime game… hockey’s version of sudden death. 432 more words

Multiple Sports

Specialization in Young Athletes May Not be a Good Idea

All of our athletic families, or those that show an interest in sports, would like our youth to become the next LeBron James, Aaron Rodgers, Derek Jeter or for the young women they could perform like Britney Griner, Kerrie Walsh, or Lindsey Vonn. 192 more words

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The 20 Best Sports Movies of All Time: ESPN, IMDB, FOX Sports, and Bleacher Report

And what are the best sports movies of all time? There is no consensus from the experts on the bunch, especially in the ranking order. 191 more words


Current active streaks of winning seasons in pro sports

Through games of August 14, the New York Yankees have a 61-58 record, three games over .500. Big deal, right? Well, should the Yankees falter and end the season at .500 or below, they would break a current streak of 21 seasons where they played above .500. 235 more words

Multiple Sports