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Should Kids Play One Sport Year-Round?

Do you think it’s a good idea for a young athlete (8-12 years old) to play one sport year-round?  Would you allow your child?

Sport specialization, especially at a young age, is more popular/prevalent today than ever before.  208 more words


Playing Multiple Sports Benefits Young Athletes

Since 2010, Suzanne Itani has served as the CEO of International Exports Inc. Outside of her professional life, Suzanne Itani enjoys taking an active role in her children’s sporting activities. 191 more words

Suzanne Itani

Eating Before, During, & After Exercise

Here’s some brief insight into what, why, and when to eat. How you do it is your call.

Like most things, this will depend on your goals. 804 more words


Consecutive title losses in professional sports

With their defeat of the Golden State Warriors in this year’s NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavs avoided becoming the 34th franchise in pro sports history to lose the title in their sport in consecutive years. 191 more words

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One of our favorite topics to discuss here on the blog is overtraining: it’s so bad for athletes, and it’s so avoidable. And it’s especially bad in younger athletes. 591 more words


Repeat match-ups in the championship series

The Golden State Warriors-Cleveland Cavaliers match-up in this year’s NBA Finals is a repeat of last year’s title series won by the Warriors. It is the 14th time in NBA history that two teams played in the NBA Finals in consecutive years. 298 more words

Multiple Sports

Do We Spend Too Much On Youth Sports?

“If they can pay, they can play.”

That’s the mantra of tournament organizers and club coaches. And I’m not making it up.

According to the… 654 more words