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Ecological surprises: why multiple stressors in freshwaters may cancel each other out

Stressors are environmental changes that place stress on the health and functioning of an ecosystem.  There is increasing evidence – largely from marine environments – that multiple stressors may interact to produce unexpected effects on aquatic ecosystems.  989 more words


The state of scientific knowledge on aquatic multiple stressors

The interactions and impacts of multiple stressors on aquatic ecosystems is one of the key challenges for current environmental research, policy and conservation. Whilst there are many success stories of pollution being reduced on rivers and lakes across the continent, and aquatic life returning (see for example salmon in the… 896 more words


Microplastic pollution: an emerging freshwater stressor

In recent years, microplastic pollution has been identified as an increasingly pervasive and damaging environmental stressor in the world’s seas, found even in remote locations in the… 1,157 more words


Underwater sound pollution leaves juvenile European eels vulnerable to predators

Many of us know about the familiar sources of water pollution: fertilisers running off agricultural fields, sewage leaking from underground pipes and oil and fuel leaking from boats, amongst many others.  1,231 more words


Meet the MARS Team: Tano Gutiérrez

This week we feature another interview in our ‘Meet the MARS Team‘ series.  We talk to Tano Gutiérrez, who works on the interactions and effects of multiple freshwater stressors at the Catchment Research Group at Cardiff University. 1,863 more words


Health Care 2030: Predicting trends in future chemical pollution at the first SOLUTIONS workshop

By Dirk Bunke, Werner Brack and David López Herráez.

How does the availability and use of water resources, population demography, agriculture, healthcare, climate and so on affect the patterns of global chemical pollution?  1,328 more words