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One + One = Two

Well, today’s the day.  An official announcement from me.  Oh sure, I’ve left clues.  A few l.e.t.t.e.r.s here or a couple of words there.  But, never an  466 more words


Tiny Feet, Big Impressions

Since I was expecting quadruplets I knew my babies would have a NICU stay, and I knew it would be difficult. In the months that led up to delivery, I communicated with other moms of quadruplets and braced myself for the inevitable.  437 more words


Parents Use GoPro Camera To Document Twins' C-Section Birth

Thanks to a GoPro camera, we’re going behind the scenes of another delivery.

While it’s far less dramatic than the passenger-seat delivery documented on a GoPro this summer, the c-section that was caught on camera earlier this year is just as moving. 176 more words


My Brush With Post Partum Depression

Baby coos, toothless smiles, squeals of delight. These are all things that bring joy (typically) to everyone who witnesses them, but sometimes no matter what, you can’t bring yourself to smile. 1,382 more words


Welcome to the World, Emily & Eliza (Part 2)

Let’s not waste any time and get back to where I had left off previously. I was being wheeled down the long hall to an OR room where I would be delivering the girls (hopefully vaginally), and the ride felt like it lasted forever. 665 more words


Still Life | fireworks

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