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The fruitlessness of my labor

Over a period of 3 hours, my Sony Nex 6 camera and my Mac Air laptop were destroyed by each of my identical twins.  My camera is no longer covered by warranty and incidental damage on my laptop is also not covered by warranty. 536 more words


Alfabeto, Roma

Materia è lieta di invitarvi alla presentazione di Alfabeto.

Il progetto nasce dall’incontro con Luca Pancrazzi nel suo studio a Milano nel maggio 2015, ma comincia a prendere corpo dopo la pausa estiva a metà settembre. 198 more words


Real multiples vs. kids of multiple ages: NOT the same

Having real multiples vs. having kids of different ages.  Its NOT the same.  The number one thing that really bothers parents of multiples is when parents who have kids of different ages say they are in the same boat.   470 more words


I am amazing.

Sometimes I just need to tell myself that.  Tonight, as I finished out another long day of being a mom on my own (Brian was working late, don’t worry!!) I was coming upstairs and it just hit me.  213 more words

I Sold My Triple Stroller Today

I sold my triple stroller today. I’m not gonna lie: I cried a little bit.

I hated that thing. I hated how much it cost. If I had bought it new, it would have cost more than our old pickup truck did! 853 more words


I Was Asked to Write a Book Review for "Multiples Illuminated" (!)

Earlier this year, the editors of book in progress about multiples found my blog and contacted me. They asked me to write an honest-to-goodness book review for them. 705 more words


Co-parenting Sucks!

As I get closer to the one year anniversary of when I made the decision to leave the father of my children I have found myself reflecting…a lot.  636 more words