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Guest Post: 3+1=6?

Ashley Rutti and her husband, Jared, have been married just shy of 10 years. They have an energetic 4 ½ year old son and 2 ½ year old identical triplet daughters who are ornery and full of spunk. 1,446 more words

February 16th, 2018 - Planning & $aving for our next vacation...

Greetings everybody!

If you have followed this blog for a while or know me personally – you already know that I like to plan and prepare for my next vacation as soon as I get back. 473 more words

Triplet Blog

The twins at three months

The kids are now three months old. They have more than doubled in weight since birth, gaining plump cheeks, chubby thighs, and burgeoning foreheads along the way. 1,311 more words


It's all in a day - 35 weeks

I have made it to 35 weeks.  With twins.
There is something that fills me with pride to say we made it this far.  That may just be all the excess fluid I have on board but happy nonetheless!! 291 more words


Múltiple Plenum Bercan para Fiat Motor Tipo - 4 u 8 Inyectores

Múltiple Plenum Bercan para Fiat Motor Tipo – 4 u 8 Inyectores Consultar Ahora!Entrega Inmediata – Envíos a todo el país

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"Bercan Fiat Multiple"

Hi, I'm a MoM

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! I’ll be focusing on motherhood, and of course, twins. I’m a first time mom to 15 month old twin girls, and I have stories to tell! 113 more words

Fraternal Twins

Frans Franciscus (1959)

There was a time that i wanted to buy a very large painting by Frans Franciscus. I had seen it, i do not remember where or when, but wanted to see the painting in real life because i had my doubts about its size. 157 more words