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My Top 10 Stupid remarks I get As A Twin Mom

My twin girls are now 5 months and we don’t get out much. I have gotten dumb questions, but after going away with them the questions got more annoying or stupid. 915 more words

To bus or not to bus.....to park or not to park?!

As we live in a city, the bus was something I used quite a bit to get around with the twins, as it was handy for the most part. 550 more words

Family Portraits in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

This was a super fun portrait shoot at Prospect Park in Brooklyn and at this lovely family’s home nearby. Twins!

I think I'm -- maybe -- pregnant...

Tested this evening on two separate stick tests. Cheap-o and First Response. Now am 15 days post trigger. Both came back, well…

Holy shit. I still won’t know if this is real until mid next week — and then I have to get through tons of miscarriage risk. 377 more words


November 16th, 2017 - As we recover...

The wildfires have been fully contained. The sound of rain falling as I type is a pleasant melody to my ears – our community is still in shock, the process of rebuilding will be a long and arduous journey! 310 more words

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Baby Smackdowns and Toddler Tussles

Yesterday the three Littles were playing in one of the back bedrooms and I hear the older one who is 2 screaming at one of the younger ones: “Stop! 573 more words


Breastfeeding Twins

Breastfeeding one baby is difficult all by its self… Believe me, I could not nurse my Singleton. But Breastfeeding twins???

It’s is possible!

So first things first I made up my mind and nothing was going to stop me from breastfeeding this time! 518 more words