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Multiply: The Global Church

Another day, another week, another month. Can’t wait to see what God brings us this week.  Let’s dive into our study.  We are in the last session of Part II: Living as the Church.   1,410 more words

Bible Study

You Give Them Something To Eat

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The New Testament records numerous miracles Jesus has performed during His earthly ministry. The miracle of Jesus feeding the five thousand is the only miracle that is recorded in all the four Gospels – in Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:30-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:1-14. 873 more words

U N I T E D - U N I Together Evangelize & Disciple

26th February 2015

Can’t wait this week to get to the end. I really need the weekend. I wanna relax, enjoy a lemonade with ice, and an ice cream with extra chocolate. 180 more words

Inspiration to arise and shine/ Inspirasi untuk bangkit dan bersinar

Day 26 Inspiration to arise and shine

I have to arise and shine, for my bright future. When i do the arise act is when YOUR glory is risen upon me, empower and make me extraordinary! 45 more words

The Year Of Multiplication

Touching the World Through the Multiplication of Disciples

Jesus’ strategy illustrates a principle that church leaders witness regularly: The reach of our ministries is directly proportional to the breadth of our leadership base. Only to the extent that we have grown self-initiating, reproducing, fully devoted disciples can new ministries touch the brokenness of people’s lives.

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Inspiration to live a healthy life/ Inspirasi untuk hidup sehat

Day 24 Inspiration to live a healthy life

LORD, healthy life is my dream that i have to make it happen all the time, because good health will help me enjoy life, bless the lives of others and please YOU. 52 more words

The Year Of Multiplication

The Blessing of Intimacy (sex)

This man was walking alone on Earth, not that he needed to be in the company of someone, better yet, not that he felt he needed to, but God saw his heart and understood that he would be happier if he could have someone by his side. 470 more words