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Sitecore Dictionary Domain

It is always advisable to use Sitecore “dictionaryDomain” attribute for each Site. In this blog post we will discuss the Sitecore Dictionary and what is the best way to use it? 650 more words


How to configure the Multisite in Sitecore using only single Domain/hostname

As we know Sitecore provide the out of the box feature to implement multisite solution using same sitecore instance.

Same sitecore instance can have multiple sites information architecture as example we want to implement the solution with single domain for multiple partner site with multiple region. 262 more words


Navigating Between Sites in a Sitecore Multisite Solution: Creating a "Back To Referrer" button and translating text

Pretty much all of the Sitecore websites I work on are multisite solutions which consist of a primary website and a number of mircosites. While the primary website and the microsites are mostly independent of each other, there are occasionally links that take the user from a microsite to the main website, or vice versa. 821 more words


Template Field Lookup Source Processor with SITENAME Token.

As we have discussed in previous blog, each sitecore field have it’s own way to handle it’s source. Sitecore has one default processor for Field Source. 240 more words


SITENAME Token for Template Field Source.

The main issue we face during multi-site is, to set the field source which can be flexible enough to identify the context site. One way is to use query to reach the expected source (But all field type doesn’t support the query) and another one is to overwrite Source property to resolve the SITENAME Token. 315 more words