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We live in a very multifaceted society where doing a zillion things at once is highly recommended. This.. is… S T R E S S F U L. 8 more words

"Shall we play a game?"

Did you say that in the voice of WOPR?  Maybe I am the only one that did, but it made me smile.  WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) was the computer that Matthew Broderick played with in the 1893 movie… 788 more words

Thinky Thoughts

The perks of being a generalist.

People often use the terms “Generalist” and “Jack of all trades” interchangeably. It is a common myth that generalists are less superior than their specialist counterparts. 339 more words


The possible risks to your brain of multi-tasking

by Dr. Travis Bradberry

You may have heard that multitasking is bad for you, but new studies show that it kills your performance and may even damage your brain. 641 more words


Blogging Schedule - How do you feel about it?

This will be short and simple

I took two days off to decide what I wanted my blog to wholeheartedly stick to. After thinking over the advice… 222 more words


Quick Review - Real Techniques Limited Edition Multitask Brush Set

I recently picked up this cute little limited Real Techniques brush set for around 25 Euros. As it is the gift giving season and it looks like a great gift, I thought I might share my first impressions with you. 368 more words


5 Minute Eye

I don’t know about you guys but I tend to oversleep on Monday mornings.  I also tend to like to pack light when it comes to traveling.   302 more words

Makeup Looks