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How to Multitask Effectively

How would it be like if you could do so many things at the same time and have all your work done quicker? As a freelancer with so many deadlines to meet and projects to work on, finishing your work quickly sounds is the best thing anyone could ask for. 572 more words

Fashion And Style Police

MULTITASKING : Friend or foe

Multitasking is a buzz word in today’s world and the general perception is that without the ability to manage a number of tasks or activities together you are not being productive. 701 more words



NO is one of the smallest words in English vocabulary but is a complete sentence in itself. Allow me to elaborate on it.

Can you force another bite into your child’s mouth after he/she had said or signalled a NO? 311 more words

Scattered About and Put Together

I want to do everything and I want to do it now! How many of you out there are dealing with this issue?

I am a dabbler in all things artistic. 718 more words

Tools of the Trade: 5 Efficiency Apps for PR Professionals

It’s no secret that public relations professionals are busy bees. Juggling multiple tasks simultaneously can be quite the feat. Lucky for the modern PR pro, there are a multitude of ways to increase efficiency: 258 more words


Being a Waiter/Waitress is fun, I swear!

Before my current job as a waitress I hadn’t really got much experience within the job role, I had done a lot of retail and done waiting and bar staff in a small pub but nothing to speak much of. 594 more words

Multitasking versus Focus

I have always been someone who has a lot going on inside my head. I seem to constantly be thinking of a thousand things at once. 830 more words