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Đa nhiệm đang giết chết não bộ của bạn

Nhiều người tin rằng họ có khả năng làm nhiều việc cùng 1 lúc (multitasking), nhưng liệu có phải họ đã lầm? 1,334 more words

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I multitask often. While doing homework I either have a favorite TV show playing or music going in the background. Call me crazy, but I would argue that it helps me to focus more on the task that is priority #1 for me. 122 more words



Multitasking. What an interesting word that we all do, but don’t really think about. In fact, I am even multitasking while writing this blog. It’s crazy how much I and so may others multitask without even realizing it. 281 more words



I always knew I could multitask . I can close my eyes , relax muscles , rest my head on pillow.. WHILE am lying parallel to ground. 60 more words

Crazy Talk

Can you Multitask ?

We all have been victims to multitasking and some of us proudly state that they excel at it. Frankly, I am useless at it and despite my best to improve at it never got around with it. 460 more words

Making a schedule is beneficial to Doers

To live we need to work. Yes! am starting this one with a serious note because it is the bitter reality. As they say “ 526 more words


I finally can tell myself that I’m able to multitask through this result.

So, I shouldn’t underestimate my own ability as long as I mastered time management skill. 21 more words