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Hittin' the Brakes

How are you at time management? Maybe you can multi-task, but apparently, I can’t. Case in point: blogging twice a week is keeping me from writing my humor series. 178 more words

I Remember When... (my OWN Stories)

How Writing is like a Video Game Race

If writing a book (and getting it published) is a video game—think especially of any racing game—there are obstacles, ramps, curves:

  • Sharp turns: When you’re charging through your book too fast, too carelessly, come to a major plot point and careen out of control, losing your sense of direction.
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The juggle is real!

Conquering the balance between mum life ,work life and uni life.

Have you ever been so busy that your days, hours and years all join together? 211 more words

Review of Asus Rog Strix

So in one of my first posts I said I was saving to get an ASUS ROG STRIX. I got it about 3 hours after that post. 275 more words

Be flexible

Yesterday was a challenge but I made it. Once a week I have to drive 2 hours to one of my employers offices. This meant I couldn’t do the morning walk with Phaedra because I have to be up and out the house pretty early. 215 more words

Interview With Megan Close Zavala


I provide book coaching and editorial services to authors ready to take their writing to the next level and make their publishing dreams into realities.   908 more words


being a HOME MAKER

20th December 2015: As the Emirates’ flight touched down Dubai International Airport, Terminal 3 on time, all the butterflies in my stomach braced and I was ready to begin  an intimidating  2nd innings, post marriage. 1,077 more words