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I got hooked up

I decided to do a little shopping after work. Knowing I had to haul ass to meet my girls for dinner downtown. I thought a new outfit would brighten my day. 590 more words

Las Vegas: Empire of Illusion

Blue beacons whirl before me shifting into triangles and squares. A white wall of diamonds glimmers into intricate whorls before fading into darkness. A funnel of diodes screams its way to the heavens. 684 more words


Gon and Mon

Play Free Online Gon and Mon Game.
Big monkey: WASD to move and jump, Small monkey: Arrow keys to move and jump.

Mineral Matte Finish Eye Brightener Shadow Concealer Well

Another benefit of mineral make up is that it tends to last a long time once applied. Mineral make-up adheres to the skin and blends in thoroughly as a light mask on your face. 286 more words

busy, busy, busy...

I have been quite busy today.  I accepted a small writing contract today, and I am quite excited about it!  It feels good to see that things are starting to come together with the “writing career.”  It is a slow beginning, but I am making progress.   32 more words


Making the Everyday Extraordinary

So much gets overlooked when life is lived at a rapid clip.

Last week I had the opportunity to attend a parenting conference with a breakout session in mindfulness. 585 more words

Georges Chiropractic Health Center

Multitasking is a no-no

I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty decent multitasker. I could have three different tabs open in my browser and be in the middle of something on all of them without confusing myself. 507 more words