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Editing and laundry...

We are in the office and working on Eden’s Gate by Philip Covington, Jr. We had our office meeting this morning and decided this would be our focus with a release date of Father’s Day in mind. 109 more words


Book of the Week #2

So I read about 5 different books during the week, but I focus on one primarily and make sure to get that one done. So without further ado, this weeks “Book of the Week” is The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. 290 more words



This has been a busy week at Kitt Peak National Observatory. I’ve been helping with infrared images of supernovae, taking spectra of galaxies to understand their composition, and taking images of some of the earliest known galaxy clusters. 609 more words


Manifesting positive results

Balance… simplicity… happiness. Only a fourth of the way into the new year, and I’m beginning to realize the manifestation of these elements as I actively pursue them. 143 more words

bath time is our favorite time

This is how we multitask!

Co-bathing allows us to get clean at the same exact time.

The little smiles and small splashes during bath time are currently my favorite time.


Oh a new email…oh...where was I?...five tips to maintain your focus!

Distractions will try there hardest to keep you from achieving your goals. Reflect on distractions and attempt to identify what is going on for you. Are you: 318 more words

Impossible Multitasking

There are a lot of things I can multitask, but some things are impossible.

I recently walked by a group of people snorkeling in shallow water. 344 more words

My Life With God