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365 Challenge: Day 177 - Automaton

Automaton: a machine that performs a function according to a predetermined set of coded instructions, especially one capable of a range of programmed responses to different circumstances… 1,533 more words

365 Day Challenge

TimeBlock - Embracing the return of my multitasking Inner Goddess

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got til its gone…
~ Joni Mitchell

Most people think of a type A personality when someone says they are a multitasker.   320 more words


Mindfulness is the new multitasking


Hey, hey, slow down.

Now breathe.

Yes, breathe. In and out. Deep breaths. Preferably with your eyes closed. Also, take the chance to check your posture and pay attention to all parts of your body. 585 more words

Monthly Post

How's your attention span?

“Kids these days have the attention span of a goldfish! always need to be multitasking, always getting bored, constantly distracted. Back in my day we played outside for hours!” etcetera, etcetera…. 440 more words

July 30th (the power of peppermint)

Got up really early to clean at church, before heading down to The Cabin. Even though it wasn’t the busiest I’ve known it, I found that shift the hardest I’ve ever done, because I was crossing so many different roles at once. 124 more words


How To Multitask When Writing

When it comes to writing, it is always a challenge to focus on the 1 scene you’re writing because the way I see it, it all has to link together and you really have to think ahead or multitask as I like to call it.   407 more words


Multitasking: Could it be Hurting your Mental Health?

When an interviewer asks what a person’s greatest strength is, one possible answer is that they are able to multitask. Most people believe they can effectively multitask but they are actually doing more harm to themselves than good. 354 more words

Mental Health