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Multnomah County Health Department Food Handler's Manual

The full content of the Multnomah Food Handler’s Manual is available for free online in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian, Korean, and Vietnamese at https://www3.multco.us/Foodhandlercard/Manuals.aspx… 39 more words

‘Domicile unknown’

By Joanne Zuhl, Staff Writer

Laurie Crow would have been 54 on Dec. 27, 2011.

Instead, she became one of 47.

Only a few weeks before her birthday, she died curled up in her sleeping bag in a meadow near Going Street. 2,015 more words

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Another political casualty: Needle exchange programs rely on local support after the feds bail on funding

By Amanda Waldroupe, Staff Writer

For the second time in two years, Congress is reversing its policy on federal funding for syringe exchange programs, leaving many in health care business wondering how far local money can continue to carry the harm reduction programs. 1,205 more words

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Making Portland’s complex food deserts grow green

By Amanda Waldroupe, Staff Writer

Not having a grocery store near North Portland’s New Columbia neighborhood after Big City Produce closed in 2007, “was sad,” says resident Trevon Oliver. 2,950 more words

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Trees and babies

Researchers at Multnomah County Health Department, Drexel University & the National Institute of Standards & Technology have just published research in the journal Health & Place that found….. 224 more words

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