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Oregon's Legislature Most Anti-Business, Anti-Family Cost of Living

The extremely controversial Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) enacted by SB 324 is arguably the most egregious of all the anti-business and anti-consumer laws passed. This law serves to raise the costs of energy for businesses and families, while making no measurable impact on global carbon emissions and failing to provide a single penny for much-needed road infrastructure improvements anywhere in Oregon. 282 more words

Increase In Fees For Workers Comp. Insurance Cost Employers $2 Billion

HB 2764 that was introduced by the Trial Lawyers Association will cost Oregon Small Business Owners an additional $2 Billion Dollars. House Bill 2764 would raise attorney fees and create new scenarios in which fees could be awarded. 135 more words

Portland, Oregon New Law To Increase Auto Insurance Rates

PORTLAND, Ore. -A new law enacted by the Oregon Legislature that takes effect Saturday will change the way auto insurance claims involving injuries and uninsured drivers are paid by insurers. 102 more words

Dreams in the Forest

I found Oregon’s Multnomah Falls a few miles east of Portland to be a real challenge to shoot. On the human side there were scads of tourists to navigate around. 100 more words


Portland Apartment Sales - July 2016

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  • CapRates reported are still in the mid-high 5% compared to 2015 in the high 5% range. 
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Portland, Salem And Vancouver Apartment Market Issues

Portland May Follow Rusted, Busted, Detroit

Will Portland eventually follow Detroit into bankruptcy? Moody’s is re-examining Portland for a possible downgrade due to Portland’s $453 million in unfunded pension debt and unfunded liabilities of $2.3 billion for its police and firefighters pension and disability plan. 14 more words