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100 days of happiness and me

For those of you who follow me on social media you may have seen that I’m 26 days into 100 days of happiness.

My friend started doing it again and I thought it was an amazing way of finding something positive to focus on every day. 268 more words


Exercise vs Mum Guilt

This week The Independent published an article about mums of young children feeling guilty when they take time for themselves to exercise.

A poll conducted by Sport England highlighted that of the 1006 mothers with children under six surveyed 77% said they would like to do more exercise, with 61% admitting that they would feel bad taking time for themselves to exercise. 407 more words


That’s the problems with Millennials; they think they can do anything!

I’m a shameless Gogglebox fan. I find watching folk react to and watch TV much better than actually watching TV. The spread of the ages, classes, cultures and all the non Scottish accents (seriously what is that about though – really?!) is always good fun to watch. 825 more words

Personal Blog

What do you want to be?....

What do you want to be when you grow up?‘ is such a standard thing to ask children that I’m not sure we even really think about whether it’s a good question. 919 more words


Do you need a village to raise children?

It’s a saying you hear all the time isn’t it? It takes a village to raise children.

The thing is…do you need a village? I don’t mean ‘Do YOU need a village?’ Uncle Sam style with pointed finger. 341 more words


Don't tell, but....

I have a little mental tick-list of things I’d like to do before I turn 40. It’s not that long and there is nothing particularly ground-breaking on there – I won’t be skydiving, scaling mountains or signing up for a marathon. 646 more words


The importance of.....choosing the right mug

A cup of tea is so much more than a hot drink. It is comfort, warmth and reassurance……it is essentially a hug in a mug. And it takes on even more significance when you become a parent. 609 more words