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The Day of Attempted Damage

Sunday, 31st May

Note to you

You probably haven’t noticed, but I have a tendency to overanalyse things. Surprised? I know, I hide it well. Mental struggles, identity crises and emotional angsts—I always seem to be in the middle of them. 3,504 more words

oh shit! Lockdown is easing

I thought we had more time!
I’ve been stuffing my face and lounging on the sofa for weeks at any given spare moment, expecting to be in leggings for longer than this! 128 more words

Mum Life

Lockdown and Mum guilt

Lockdown for most of us hasn’t been bed of roses. Most of us have struggled in some way, shape or form but as the changes to lockdown start to unfold I can’t help but feel a little sad for my children, particularly Big who is five (and half as he regularly reminds us). 371 more words


The Day of the Speech

Sunday, 10th May

Hand troubles

COVID-19 has been doing a number on my hands. I know; same as everyone else. But with me, it’s a little more than the usual ashy flakiness we’re all battling. 2,571 more words

This Mumma Diaries - Day 3 | Mother’s Day

Sunday 22nd March

Today is Mother’s Day. We had planned to spend it with my family, but this year we couldn’t due to the current climate. 537 more words

This Mumma Diaries - Day 2

Saturday 21st March

Well what a day this has been……..

Last night was a bit of an nightmare as the boys didn’t want to go to bed. 480 more words


AK meals for 1+ year olds, and swapping our go-to’s for healthier options.

Ok does anyone else feel immense pressure to make sure their toddler is eating everything they should be, getting their 5 a day, avoiding the drive-thru’s and just all round keeping them healthy?! 808 more words