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You Got A Friend In Me

Today started out as many others have recently.

My little girl is definitely entering those tricky toddler years, with tantrums galore and crying at the drop of a hat for no reason at all. 327 more words


Being a SAHM.

Since becoming a mum I seem to be in a ‘Stuck’ phase. I am not who I was before children, yet I am not completely not that person either. 1,702 more words

Diary of a Fat Girl

I haven’t been happy with my body for a long time, especially the number that has steadily been creeping up on the scales, so a couple of weeks ago I decided it was time to do something about it. 672 more words

Mum Struggles

All stressed out!! 

I have had such a stressful couple of weeks and it has really knackered me out. I honestly feel like I have gone 10 rounds with Mike Tyson. 467 more words

Mum Struggles

Girls Don't Just Simply Decide to Hate Their Bodies Part 1

Ava-Leigh is growing up so quickly, I feel like I have blinked and the last nearly 9 years have just disappeared. She is growing up to be an intelligent, caring, fun, witty, cheeky young girl. 822 more words

Mum Struggles

Missing Milestones is hard AF on working parents!!

A few months ago I wrote about missing out as a working parent, when Brad sent me a voice recording of Emme-Mai reading, I had a similar experience the other night and it got me thinking about the other things we miss out on as a parent. 797 more words

Mum Struggles